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Special Education Teacher: ESP/Social Emotional programming

Newton Public Schools - Newton, MA

Special Education Teacher: ESP/Social Emotional programming

JobID: 3087

Position Type:

Student Services, Special Education/

Special Education Teacher

Date Posted:



Education Center

Date Available:



This is a part-time Position (.5 FTE)


Student Services Department

Job Title:

Elementary Stabilization/Social Emotional Programming

FLSA Status:


Unit A - Exempt

Reports to:

Special Education/Student Services Administrator

General Description:

Working within the district’s elementary schools to provide consultation, coaching, staff support and interventions to teams working with students with social emotional and behavioral challenges while in their neighborhood school. Provide streamlined consultation for students who may be eligible for more intensive social emotional programming. Ensure collaborative and smooth transitions for students and families as services are customized and wrapped around their needs. Work collaboratively with all members of the school team to ensure that plans are effective and appropriate and can be sustained. Provide training, consultation and coaching as needed. The approach is collaborative, team-based and has a wraparound and system of care philosophy



Masters degree in special education required.

Prior experience working with students with social emotional and behavioral needs in inclusive and programmatic settings.

Prior experience providing consultation and coaching to teachers and teams to support students with social emotional programming needs.

Ability to provide seamless step-up and step-down service planning.

Ability to handle multitude of varying and complex issues.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Ability to collaborate with numerous stakeholders.

Ability to think creatively and lead teams during stressful and difficult situations.


5-7 years experience within an inclusive public school environment.

ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES (not limited to):

Provide consultation and coaching to teachers/teams working with students who have intensive social emotional and behavioral needs within their neighborhood school.

Provide consultation to assess and match level of need to comprehensive services and supports

Model instructional techniques to teachers/ teaching assistants so that strategies are consistently delivered across all environments.

Assist and design programs that support students with social emotional and behavioral needs.

Instruct teachers in how to assist students in developing appropriate self-regulation and functional communication skills and support them to generalize these strategies to the general education environment.

Coach and train school teams around effective strategies to deescalate student behavior and increase self-regulation and functional communication skills.

Review all available testing to inform a comprehensive plan to effectively support the student.

Meet with parents to discuss interventions/ plans and provide regular updates to parents.

Create and implement whole group lessons and/or mini-lessons around direct teaching topics e.g. self-regulation, problem solving, etc.

Provide pertinent information to the ESP team/special education/student services team at weekly meetings.


Work Environment: Work is performed in both office and school environments

Physical Requirements:

Ability to travel between multiple school locations (must possess valid driver’s license)

Must be able to assist with student behavioral needs as necessary

Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time

Ability to lift and/or move objects weighing up to 30 pounds

Sufficient mobility to navigate within a large school building

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Newton Public Schools


Special Education Teacher: ESP/Social Emotional programming Newton Public Schools - Newton, MA, United States


Location: Newton, MA

Company Profile:
here are 11,556 (as of 10/1/07) students enrolled in fifteen elementary schools (K-5), four middle schools (6-12) and two comprehensive high schools (9-12). We also have two integrated pre-school programs with over 230 students. Over 40 different languages are spoken within the student/parent population. The Newton school district belongs to the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO), a state-funded voluntary educational desegregation program enrolling 3500 Boston students in public schools in 34 suburban communities; 405 Boston students are enrolled in our schools. Newton is also a Member of the Education Collaborative for Greater Boston (EDCO) which includes 21 urban and suburban communities. 91% of the 2006 graduating class were listed as going on to higher education.