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Service Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Heroku, inc. - San Francisco, CA

Service Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Heroku

LOCATION: Remote applications are welcomed

Who are you?

We're looking someone who's interested in complex distributed systems- how they work, how they can work better, how we even know if they're working at all. Since the hard problems in computing are the human problems, we're also looking for someone who's into improving inter-team collaboration, from a technical and personal point of view.

This is a good role for a generalist with one or more areas of focus or special interest. There are lots of career paths that might lead you here! You could come from a technical program management background, an operations background, a development background, or a technical writing background- or others we haven't thought of.


Interest in complex distributed systems and familiarity with how the internet and web applications work. You don't have to have built a datacenter or run a large cloud service, but you do need to be familiar with the OSI model or equivalents and be able to talk ways to make a system more resistant to failure.

Willing to join an on-call rotation as Incident Commander (we'll train you -- no experience required). Currently, the rotation has 6 regular members and a team member in APAC who covers evening hours US time.

Willing to work on a distributed (currently all-remote) team spanning multiple time zones (none of us lives in the same place or currently works out of the San Francisco headquarters; all of us are experienced remote workers)

About Heroku SRE

Heroku, a subsidiary of Salesforce, operates the world's largest Platform As A Service (PaaS), continuously delivering millions of apps with a high volume of deploys per day. Our vision is for developers to focus on their applications and leave operations to us.

The Service Reliability Engineering team cares about the holistic health of the Heroku platforms. We serve as Incident Commander on call and own the incident response process, including blameless retrospectives. We define operational success and consult on best practices with engineering teams throughout Salesforce. We work on topics like network issues and monitoring, operating systems and OS security, and metrics and uptime reporting. This talk describes how we think about the work we're doing.

What's this job like?

This job can be done from anywhere in the world. You can work at a Salesforce office or work from home, you can work flexible hours (we of course have meetings, but we schedule them based on the time zones of the folks who need to attend, and we record them and share recordings with people who can't be present or awake at that time).

On the job, you'll champion the reliability of Heroku production services. That means:

Make it easy to do the right thing in high-stakes situations with tools, guidelines, or processes and advocate for their organizational adoption.

Collaborate with multiple service engineering teams to ensure that production services meet uptime goals, scale with customer demand, and are operable and maintainable over time.

Manage distributed systems through design, development, or maintenance of diagnostic, monitoring, alert, and mitigation tools.

Respond to production incidents as an Incident Commander.

Follow up on production incidents with contributing factor analysis, incident response analysis, and remediation plans.

Ensure that we are continuously raising our standard of operational excellence by testing, eliminating, automating, and planning for known and anticipated failure scenarios.

Connect and collaborate with geographically distributed teams and people of various backgrounds.

Partner directly with our most important vendors to ensure the reliability of our service.

How do I know if I should apply?

If you are interested in or have experience with any

of the following topics, you should apply!

Design of engineering and collaborative processes for actual people, not ideal people who never make mistakes (see Kathy Sierra's discussion of humans vs humanoids )

Large scale service-oriented infrastructure and the design of scalable, highly available systems in the real world

Performance characteristics of distributed systems

Cloud services like Amazon Web Services

Heroku, RESTful web services, Linux, Ruby, and Rails

Virtualization and containerization (Xen, LXC, cgroups, Docker, Kubernetes)

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Service Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Heroku, inc. - San Francisco, CA, United States


Location: San Francisco, CA

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