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Senior Paralegal

Allbirds, Inc - San Francisco, CA

Senior Paralegal

The candidate will be responsible for: Design, develop, refine, and simplify legal processes. Manage corporate governance, including foreign qualifications, good standing requirements, annual statements, and related issues. Craft legal dashboards tied to company goals. Maintain contracts management function. Monitor outside counsel for quality assurance, timeliness, compliance with expectations, and progress against goals. Manage IP disclosure and files, including invention capture and inventor documentation. Support strategic corporate transactions, including due diligence, document preparation, closing mechanics, and post-closing integration. Assist with stock plan management and equity matters. People manager to legal assistant role. Must have BA/BS or equivalent. Should have 5+ years with a law firm or in-house, with emphasis on corporate and IP experience. Must have experience with IP search tools, databases, and docketing systems.

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Allbirds, Inc


Senior Paralegal Allbirds, Inc - San Francisco, CA, United States


Location: San Francisco, CA