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Jacobs Entertainment Inc - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Description Overview: At the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) within Aberdeen Proving Ground,Maryland, Jacobs Technology employees, along with our teammate companies Caelum,SOI, eLe, and Trident, ensure the weapons, vehicles, and equipment that the warfighter depends on are safe, effective and reliable. Job Description: Performsprofessional and scientific work on phases of long and short-range projects andinvestigations in the field of chemistry (primarily analytical). Utilizes professional knowledge andexperience of chemical reactions and analysis to determine the appropriateanalytical method or approach to the project. Performs assigned analytical investigations with responsibility forplanning of the complete project assignment and the analysis and reporting offindings. Investigates problems, whichare of such a degree of complexity that they cannot be resolved directly by anestablished analytical method. Conductstests where multiple analyses must be determined in a difficult matrix. Must reduce data, validating findings bycomparing with reference standards and formulate conclusions andrecommendations. Conducts individualprojects utilizing and adapting a wide array of analytical instrumentation toobtain and record repeatable and accurate measurement of target analysis. Characteristic of work processes are thefollowing: conducts literature survey todetermine extent of previous efforts; develops an approach, method and techniques;validation of methods and techniques; prepares and tests; analyzes; interprets;and evaluates data. This work can be ina laboratory setting or in a field environment. Prepares reports covering assigned analytical investigations. Presents data, site references, generalobservations made and resulting conclusions. Composes text of report in such a manner to indicate in appropriatedetail the background of the problems, objectives of the investigations, significanceor interpretation of results, recommendations and detailed description ofprocedures. Prepares the necessarycorrespondence in connection with inquires of related technicalinformation. Plans, coordinates andconducts complex scientific assessments, studies and projects related to mycology,biology, or chemistry. Reviews andprepares, test methods, plans, reports and related documents. Plans, arranges, and manages data collectionand preliminary analysis work. Developsnew information, considers data from a variety of sources, and modifies andoriginates approaches, methods, and procedures to plan and carry outassignments. Reviews and evaluatessamples of any matrix. Conducts chemicalcompatibility, fungus, and other related testing. Provides professional scientific technical supportand evaluations in support of test projects. Work requires professional knowledge of physical science, biology orchemistry. Qualifications Qualifications: Must possess aBachelor\u2019s Degree in specialization or related scientific discipline. Specializations include: Chemist, HealthPhysics, Physical, and Physicist. Essential Functions Form: UNUSUAL ORSPECIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS OF POSITION May requiresitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time (up to 70%). The ability to bend\/stoop, squat, crawl,kneel, crouch, balance, reach above shoulder level, and climb into or under avehicle is required (up to 25%). Walkinga minimum of 50 yards over rough terrain is required (up to 25%). The ability to push and pull as well as tolift and carry up to 50 pounds is required (up to 25%). DESCRIPTION OFWORK ENVIRONMENT Work environmentcan be in a field setting or in a laboratory setting. Performs professional and scientific work onphases of long and short-range projects and investigations in the field ofchemistry. If working in certain specialized areas, test may be conducted on arandom basis. The ability to work in outside field conditions that include hotand cold extreme temperatures and other outdoor climatic conditions is required(up to 25%). Must be able to work inareas where only portable restroom facilities are available (up to 25%). Work environment may be fast-paced andrequire work under pressure to meet deadlines associated with the completion ofa task. Position will require multipletask efforts. Travel may be required periodically for specific task relatedfunctions as well as to obtain training necessary for this position. EQUIPMENT ANDMACHINES INVOLVED IN WORK TASKS Conducts projectsutilizing and adapting spectrometric and\/or chromatographic instrumentation toobtain and record repeatable and accurate measurement of target analysis (up to90%). Work also requires regular use oftypical office equipment such as the personal computer (up to 80%), copiers (upto 2%), and fax machines (up to 2%). Therequirements include the ability to work around moving machinery \/equipment,and drive auto equipment, forklifts\/other equipment as needed. CRITICALITY OFATTENDANCE Attendance iscritical at all times during normal duty hours. Work outside of normal dutyhours, including weekends and holidays, may be required with as little asone-hour advance notice. OTHER ESSENTIALFUNCTIONS Must be able tocommunicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Must be able to interface with individuals atall levels of the organization. Must be able to obtain an interim secretsecurity clearance in order to gain access to required areas, networks andsystems within thirty (30) days of date of your offer letter. Must further be able to obtain and retain asecret security clearance. Must be able to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. Must be able to obtain and retain unescortedaccess to work areas. May be subject toother physicals or exams if required to wear a respirator or are designated bythe COR to have other physicals due to the work area in which you are assigned.May be subject to exposure to noise, radiation, vibration, lead, acids, andsolvents. Must be able to wear personal protective equipment as required. Musthave a valid driver\u2019s license and personal transportation for the purpose ofmoving around the proving ground to accomplish job functions and in order tooperate a rental vehicle if and when travel is required. Must be able to obtainand maintain a military driver\u2019s license within 30 days of employment. Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity\/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. Jacobs is a background screening, drug-free workplace.

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Jacobs Entertainment Inc


Scientist I Jacobs Entertainment Inc - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, United States


Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Company Profile:
Jeffrey Jacobs is President of Jacobs Entertainment Inc, a film buying and marketing firm. He has 35 years of experience in the exhibition, marketing and distribution of American independent and international cinema in the U.S. He is perhaps best known as the founding film buyer for the Angelika Film Center in New York City which under his supervision (from opening day in 1989 until 1997) became the highest grossing art cinema in the country. He was the Managing Director and Film Buyer of the Paris Theatre from 1998 to 2009. At present, he programs over 50 movie theatre screens across the country.