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York County School Division - Yorktown, VA

To provide assessment, counseling, and consultative services for the purpose of supporting positive academic and social outcomes for students.

Minimum Qualifications:

Holds a Master's Degree from an accredited school of social work. Holds a Virginia teaching license with a school social worker endorsement. Has completed a supervised practicum or field experience in an educational agency through an approved program or a minimum of one year of full-time successful experience as a school social worker. Has a minimum of six graduate semester hours in the area of educational foundations, curriculum, or administration. Possess high moral standards and integrity. Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills. Demonstrates professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with all students, parents, school personnel and other members of the community. Possesses the ability to quickly learn and apply new technology. Demonstrates strong organizational and management skills. Demonstrates an ability to prepare and disseminate written reports within required timelines. Possesses the ability to travel to more than one work location in the course of the day if assigned to an itinerant position. Possesses sufficient strength, ability, dexterity and mobility to carry out all performance responsibilities. Demonstrates ability to conduct trans-disciplinary and interagency professional interactions. Possesses the ability to develop and implement a comprehensive family systems intervention model for addressing student issues. Demonstrates a commitment to an integrated consultative service delivery model.

Reports to:

Associate Director for Student Services

Performance Responsibilities:

Provide assessment:

CORE AREAS FOR ASSESSMENT: Assuring Compliance with Federal Mandates

( 504 staffing, IDEA compliance, Medicaid documentation)

Completing requested evaluations is the primary methodology for ensuring compliance Assessment & Screening

(special education socio-cultural assessments, manifestation determinations, behavior interventions, mental health)

The social work staff completes social histories as a function of eligibility determination in situations where the child study team has determined that this type of assessment is necessary to make an appropriate eligibility decision. The social work staff may also serve as part of a team completing behavioral observations of a student and providing feedback to the teaching staff on interventions and strategies. The social work staff may also be utilized as referral sources for students with mental health issues to agencies outside of the school system.

Management (organizes time, resources, and workload in order to meet responsibilities and maintain accurate case records and documentation) This may demonstrated through phone logs, related services sign in/out sheets, documentation of social history completion, documentation of parental contacts, etcetera.

Prevention and Intervention Services (strengthening school systems relationship with home and school, fostering healthy climates)

This is accomplished by meeting with teachers and families to ascertain a student’s current level of functioning in the school and home environments and conveying information regarding each of those to all members of the educational team to facilitate decision-making.

Parent and Community

(home-school-community liaison, engaging community and parents in student success, home visits)

Social workers conduct visits to families to secure involvement in educational initiatives at the request of administrators. Professional Practice and Development

(shows evidence of professional growth and development and adheres to a professional code of ethics)


(classroom presentations, school-wide assembly presentations, participation in school committees)

Information on available resources and building strong parent/teacher relationships is provided on an as needed basis. Counseling Services

(family counseling, small educational support groups)

The social work staff may conduct counseling sessions with families in the course of obtaining social histories or in Response to a request from a family to become involved in their child’s educational programming. The social work staff does not conduct formal, clinical counseling sessions, but may advise families on strategies to help make their students successful and on how to work with schools to make their students successful. Consultation

(classroom observations, teacher consultations, case conferences, consultation with administrators)

The social work staff will consult, as requested, with teacher or administrators on programming that may affect families domestically. Additionally, social workers may be utilized to observe students in the classroom and provide feedback. Reducing Violence

(child abuse recognition and reporting, crisis intervention)

While all employees of the school system are mandatory reporters, school staff frequently utilize the social work staff to report chronic neglect and concerns regarding the domestic situations of some students. Social work staff may intervene by reporting to social services or by providing parents with community resources to assist them in caring for their children. Referrals, Collaboration & Advocacy

(linking students to community resources, collaborating with outside agencies)

In their frequent contact with families, the social work staff will make an assessment of the domestic situation and may offer information on accessing community resources. This may also result from an inquiry from school based staff. Training

(social skills training, parenting skills, staff in-service, Parent-teacher organization training)

Conduct individual and group crisis intervention/short-term counseling.

Conduct counseling consistent with IEP goals and objectives of students with disabilities.

Consult with teachers, parents, students, and outside agency personnel concerning student needs.

Present training and workshops for students, parents, school personnel and community members.

Serve as school-based service coordinator for student referrals.

Consult with teachers on developing and implementing classroom interventions.

Serve as chairperson for triennial review cases.

Follow up on eligibility committee recommendations related to social work issues.

Contribute to total school and division programs.

Engage in professional growth activities.

Maintain accurate, complete records and reports as required by law, district policy and administrative regulation.

Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Terms of Employment:

210 days a year. Salary according to School Board Pay Plan


Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with School Board policy and administrative regulations on evaluation of licensed personnel.


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York County School Division

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