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Quality Control Manager - Federal / Military Construction

Russell Construction - Saint Louis, MO


We are currently seeking Construction Quality Control Managers to work on federal construction projects. Specifically, those with federal government general contracting experience on various project types to include new building construction, design-build, building renovations, etc. The Quality Control Manager (QCM) is responsible for managing and performing the daily QC responsibilities to ensure projects are constructed in accordance with the established minimum standards and specifications. The QCM role includes direct oversight and review of the entire documentation and physical inspection phase of the workflow process and coordination with personnel, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients to provide and document a quality product. The QCM will be a position required to be on the project site at all times during physical work activities. The QCSM will be an individual within an onsite work organization who will be responsible for overall management of project QC and have the authority to act in all QC matters.


Leads planning, development, and implementation of the Quality Control Management Plan and system for all work divisions from notice to proceed through final customer acceptance.

Establishes and leads quality control initiatives, activities, and corrective actions.

Reviews project specifications for project quality requirements and ensures work performed on-site complies with contract requirements.

Reviews shop drawings and submittals for conformance with project specifications by direct review and by leveraging the knowledge and experience of others in the project team when necessary. Coordinate the approval of material submittals and track the status of approval to completion.

Conducts weekly QC meetings with the superintendent and provides daily QC reports as described in project contract documents.

Manages Non-Conformance Notices and the Request for Information process through corrective action.

Manages and resolves issues in conjunction with the project superintendent and the project manager.

Records daily quality control observations on all construction activities in daily inspection logs and takes photos of the progress.

Creates, updates and maintains project submittal logs and all other project-specific quality control reports.

Conducts preparatory, initial and follow-up meetings to establish an understanding of the standards of Construction desired for each definable feature of work. Verifies and documents that all materials received for the project are in conformance with approved submittals, and contract specifications. Verifies all onsite materials are handled and stored properly for use on the project.

Conducts pre-construction meetings with the superintendent and all subcontractors prior to the start of each new phase of work.

Documents and maintains project-specific test and inspection logs. Ensures testing facilities, laboratories, and equipment conform to specification requirements. Verifies testing procedures meet requirements, calibrations are current, and reviews/verify test reports meet contract requirements.

Collaborate with Project Managers to ensure that the Three-Phase Process is integrated into project schedules.

Provide oversight to subcontractors, clients, and project team members to ensure that construction activities are completed according to design.

Conducts follow-up inspections to verify all work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents, pertinent building codes & practices and the approved project submittals (Desired results come from what is inspected, not what is expected).

Coordinates and documents the testing and commissioning of building systems.

Records and distributes Contractor punch list items, Government punch list items, and verifies their completion prior to Final inspection.

Documents final inspections, certificates of occupancy, and acceptance of completed work.

Maintains the project 'as-built' drawings on a daily basis.

Assembles and submits project closeout documents that include O&M manuals, “as-builts” and warranties.

Stops work, if necessary, to resolve matters that affect safety or quality.

Other duties as assigned.

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Quality Control Manager - Federal / Military Construction Russell Construction - Saint Louis, MO, United States


Location: Saint Louis, MO