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Splunk, Inc.

Paralegal, Litigation And Investigations

Splunk, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

Paralegal, Litigation, And Investigations

Responsibilities: Track responses to litigation, pre-litigation demands, and agency charges and work with the team to conduct fact-finding and gather relevant information. Scale processes by assisting in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of policies, guidelines, and playbooks across a broad range of topics. Assist the team in matter management, including managing data preservation, collection, review, and production procedures and coordinating with outside counsel as necessary. Support internal investigations and ongoing litigation. Track and regularly report to the team on the status of investigations, disputes, and litigation. Assist with tracking and coordinating the firm’s responses to garnishments, subpoenas, and bankruptcies. Support the team with managing the firm's eDiscovery process including ongoing assessments and updates, and partner closely with the IT team on cross-functional initiatives. Track various compliance programs and initiatives and their impact on litigation and dispute resolution outcomes. Coordinate closely with the Legal Operations team on cross-functional programs, e.g. Information Governance, quarterly reporting metrics, etc. Assist with monitoring and reporting recent compliance and litigation developments, trends, and metrics to the team.

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Splunk, Inc.


Paralegal, Litigation And Investigations Splunk, Inc. - San Francisco, CA, United States


Location: San Francisco, CA