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CarMax Business Services, LLC


CarMax Business Services, LLC - Sicklerville, NJ

\tPainters at CarMax don’t have to worry about crammed work spaces, lack of work, out dated equipment, or other annoyances that don’t let them enjoy their work!  Quite the contrary at CarMax!   You can enjoy great perks like.......a consistent workload, a clean modern facility, free training, high volume, a large variety of vehicles.....and much more!!!!

Job Requirements
\tA Painter is responsible for making quality paint and body repairs to vehicles undergoing our reconditioning process.  Also responsible for keeping equipment in good repair, and maintaining adequate levels of supplies.

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CarMax Business Services, LLC


Painter CarMax Business Services, LLC - Sicklerville, NJ, United States


Location: Sicklerville, NJ

Company Profile:
CarMax was built on the idea that there had to be a better way to buy a used car. So we set out to change things by making the buying process as easy (and fun!) as possible. Before anything else though, we laid the foundation upon which our car-selling venture would be built: INTEGRITY.