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Rogers Memorial Hospital

Outreach Representive - Appleton

Rogers Memorial Hospital - Appleton, WI

Applicant must reside within the great Appleton area.

Maintain current and complete information on all programs and services of

Rogers Behavioral Health

Participate in the production/revision of materials to maintain accuracy

Recognize opportunities to develop new or improved information

Maintain a functional knowledge of all materials

Recognize opportunities to distribute and use program information

Maintain knowledge of our competition services

Identify and obtain program information

Do comparative analysis of strengths and weaknesses of


Behavioral Health

programs compared to similar services of our competitors

Obtain and review their marketing and promotional ideas and plans

Maintain established local, regional and national referral relationships

Call after admission to notify referral sources of the patient’s arrival

Visit the referral source to identify needs and to solicit feedback on our services

Identify special needs of existing referral sources and work with the patient care specialist, Intake, Social Services, and/or other departments to meet their requests

Monitor referral source activity through the database

Complete contact reports on all contacts

Advocate for improvement based on feedback provided from referral sources by initiating communication with the appropriate departments

Identify new opportunities for local, regional and national referral-generating relationships; i.e. inpatient, outpatient and residential behavioral healthcare providers

Attend workshops, conferences and other special events to network and develop new relationships

Follow-up on responses to mass mailings

Conduct ‘cold calls’ and direct marketing to potential referral sources

Work with the patient care specialists, Admissions, Social Services and Marketing to identify new referral sources

Work in concert with the Marketing manager to generate referrals from managed care networks

Establish an understanding of the Hospital’s relationship to the contracts

Work with the patient care specialists, the program managers, and Admitting to identify and resolve any threats to our contracts

Develop relationships with physicians that result in contract referrals

Generate new ideas for programs or services

Work with contacts to assess needs for new services

Generate new program ideas and gaps in service

Monitor the success of competitors’ programs

Assist with the recruitment and placement of psychiatric staff

Identify potential psychiatric staff

Assist in the development and implementation of a recruitment plan

Establish a positive relationship with new physicians to enhance marketing opportunities

Work to place our psychiatric staff in outpatient clinic openings

Maintain accurate and complete documents and information, including:

Weekly contact reports;

Mailing list additions;

Referral source database information;

Strategic plans for all project areas.

Promote visitation of

Rogers Memorial Hospital

to all customers.

Tour with potential patients, therapists, etc.

Recognize all opportunities to promote the

Rogers Behavioral Health

grounds over the phone or in person

Attend conferences and workshops, etc. to promote


Behavioral Health

services and programs.

Identify activities that would facilitate referrals, if they were attended

Make recommendations and implement plans to collect names for the mailing list, customize the display board, and distribute hospital information

Execute follow-up on all new referral-generating opportunities

Evaluate the results of the conference attendance so we may improve the effectiveness of all activity attendance

Utilize excellent verbal and written communication skills in all contacts, including:

Appropriate phone skills;

Writing thank you notes, customer feedback letters, and workshop or special event invitations.

Create and lead the execution of a strategic marketing plan for each project area.

Identify objectives for each project

Establish target groups, methods to reach groups, and timelines for implementation

Be flexible to adjust plans to take advantage of priorities and ideas that may increase the effectiveness of the plan

Evaluate the effectiveness and results of the plan on an ongoing basis

Lead alteration of the plan if it is not reaching goals

Interact with all fellow employees and departments in a professional manner and promote understanding of the Marketing department.

Cover/Help in the Admission department, as needed

Plan and implement alumni events

Assist social workers and patient care specialists with aftercare arrangements

Work with the social workers and patient care specialists to understand and use our referral relationships

Coordinate with the manager of partial hospitalization in marketing the programs and coordinating contact with referral sources

Assist in promoting a team environment and atmosphere in the Marketing department by treating each member with respect, honesty

Use direct communication and active listening skills

Be open to change and actively support change

Be open to other individual’s ideas and points of view

Be willing to travel to promote


Behavioral Health

services, including weekend and evening travel, as necessary. Plan travel arrangements for self and other professionals, as necessary.

Participate and support performance improvement activities.

Recognize opportunities to improve the functioning roles for the marketing department and the hospital.

Support and be actively involved with the performance improvement process.

Comply with safety, employee health and human resource policies and procedures.

Perform other duties as assigned by the marketing manager.

Required Skills

Speaking and hearing ability required to interact with patients and employees. Numerical ability required to maintain records and operate a computer. Excellent communication skills required to work effectively with patients, families, professional staff, hospital staff and visitors, exercising a high degree of tact and poise; understanding of treatment philosophies.

Must be able to read and communicate through written, verbal and auditory skills and abilities.

Independent thinking to exercise good judgment in determining correct course of action in admission procedures. Ability to maintain a cooperative, tactful, warm, courteous and helpful attitude toward patients, families, referents, professional and hospital personnel at all times. Be dependable, flexible and efficient with a positive attitude toward work and


Memorial Hospital

Work inside and outside the facility. Majority of time is spent driving throughout the state and Midwest.

Physically/Mentally able to perform job duties as verified by a physical exam by a licensed physician, per post-employment physical.

Required Experience

Bachelor degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or a related clinical field preferred.

Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in marketing, sales, or public relations in a healthcare setting.

Understanding of mental health and addiction issues.

Valid Wisconsin drivers license. Must be granted insurable status by the

Rogers Behavioral Health

insurance policy.

Knowledge and practice of safe driving skills required.

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Rogers Memorial Hospital


Outreach Representive - Appleton Rogers Memorial Hospital - Appleton, WI, United States


Location: Appleton, WI

Company Profile:
We Exist to offer exemplary behavioral health care services, including treatment, research, education, training and consultation built on our century-long heritage.