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Cliffs Natural Resources

Operations Planner/Scheduler

Cliffs Natural Resources - Forbes, MN


This job was created to keep focus on the operational operating strategies and to ultimately make more tons at lower cost. This position will be aligned to take some of the work off of the Section Managers to allow them to perform more of the work of their role, and off of front line supervisors so that they will be able to spend more on in the plant.

This position also oversees the dayshift labor crew of approximately 20 people so supervisory experience is helpful. This position is a key link among the operating, maintenance and process group. This position will keep abreast of mechanical and process issues and use the maintenance system to arrange timely, comprehensive repairs to improve plant availability and productivity.

The following is a list of duties that are expected from this position:

Manpower Staffing

Make sure crew has properly trained staff to fill potential vacancies on a short-term basis.

Post for overtime to fill vacancies that are known ahead of time and notify individuals that were awarded the OT shift.

Make sure that Overtime is equalized accordingly and sheets are updated frequently

Inform individuals ahead of time if they will be forced to work a shift that is not filled with overtime or cannot be filled with crew manpower.

Operating Production Schedule

Set an operating production schedule that determines the requirements for each day of the week.

Eventually this will evolve into a 30-60-90 day plan.

This will include all operating departments including the pit as well as mine engineering and the plant process engineers.

This operational schedule will be tracked in the Level 2 meeting

Deviation from the plan will need to be addressed and corrected

Coordinate all three operating departments in the plant so that maintenance in one area isn’t hindering operations in another.

Maintenance – the eight-week schedule is something that we are striving to achieve. Without buy-in from operations this will not happen. This position will be key to making this system function. Maintenance is a service function to operations, but this will only happen if operations is giving maintenance direction on what needs to be fixed.

Write work orders based on operator’s daily inspection sheets

Monitor the general work order backlog to ensure that work orders are correctly prioritized and scheduled accordingly

Work with maintenance and operators to refine the JIMS inspection routes. Make sure that we are capturing all potential problem areas that are creating down time in the plant and losing production tons. Generate work orders based on completed inspection sheets.

Create an effective inspection route for the crusher and pellet plant operators (similar to the concentrator) to identify work

Manage the maintenance backlog and communicate that with the operators so they are aware that their issues are not being overlooked.

Keep an active logbook in all areas that operators can view so that they know their problems are being addressed.

Take input from maintenance as to the proper timing of PM’s and other MST’s. Provide maintenance feedback if frequencies aren’t accurate on PM’s and MST’s.

Communicate with the reliability group to schedule work that they are recommending. This work typically should not be break-in work, but work that will fit well into the eight-week schedule.

Work with maintenance on setting up a component tracking system to reduce break-in work.

Monitor production equipment and make recommendations to change out/repair equipment based on proper operating parameters. (e.g. steel changes, cyclone c/o, pump performance, etc.) The focus should be to change out/repair equipment when it is not operating effectively and not making tons, not when it is completely worn out.

Coordinate a clean up schedule based around the maintenance activities scheduled for the week.

Operating Work Order System

Write work orders to capture work needed to be done by operations.

In order to determine manpower requirements in the future it is critical to determine where we are assigning our resources.

Work orders need to follow the same discipline that maintenance work order are receiving. The planners will be responsible for scheduling the operating work orders, printing job cards, and closing work orders properly.

An eventual scheduling system will be developed after a work order system is set up for operating work.


Participate in the budgeting process.

We will strive to set up a rolling 12-month operating plan to be able to coordinate maintenance activities across the site.

This position will be responsible for allocating resources to address plant needs. Capturing the cost of these resources will help in setting annual budgets.

Process Engineering

Work with the process engineers to give them a focus on what needs to be addressed in the plant. They are a service department and their work should be defined by operations (their customers)

Implement changes that the process engineers come up with and make sure that improvements to the process are sustained.

DAS System

This system if used correctly will give both operations and maintenance valuable information resulting in less downtime and increased productivity

This system needs to be implemented. Proper training to the operators will be key to successful implementation and sustainability.

Results will need to be periodically audited to make sure the system is providing us with reliable information.

Develop a weekly report capturing all outages. Report to capture minutes of downtime for both maintenance and operating delays. Review each week at the Level 3 meeting to determine where we can get better.

Standard Work

This position will be instrumental in implementing and sustaining the critical driver processes. As a part of this process, standard work will be developed for key operating positions.

Development of standard work for key operating jobs will be the priority. Eventually capturing all operating jobs. A timeline will be setup to track the eventual completion of this task.

Process improvement projects

This position will be key to suggesting areas that will make the biggest impact to the operation

This position will be key to the completion of the projects. This will include following the projects through the planning and scheduling processes to ensure a timely completion.

Prefer 4-year degree in data management, process engineering, business administration, or related field

Mining or manufacturing experience is helpful

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Cliffs Natural Resources

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Location: Forbes, MN

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Cliffs Natural Resources (NYSE:CLF) is a major global iron ore producer and a significant producer of high- and low-volatile metallurgical coal. We operate iron ore and coal mines in North America and an iron ore mining complex in Western Australia, organized through a global operations group responsible for mineral production and a global commercial group responsible for product sales and delivery. Our strategy is to continually achieve greater scale and diversification in the mining industry through a focus on serving the world's largest and fastest growing steel markets. Driven by the core values of social, environmental and capital stewardship, Cliffs associates across the globe endeavor to provide all stakeholders operating and financial transparency.