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Vein Clinics of America, Inc

Nurse Practitioner/Certified Physician Assistant PA-C

Vein Clinics of America, Inc - Merrillville, IN

Vein Clinics of America (VCA) is seeking a licensed Nurse Practitioner

/ Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C)

to serve as a “physician extender” at our busy clinic covering Merrillville, Indiana

In this role, the NP/PA-C will consult with patients regarding an appropriate course of treatment for the patient’s varicose veins and/or venous insufficiency. This course of treatment might include the ultrasound guided Injections or endovenous laser treatments (EVLT) performed by the physician and/or the sclerotherapy, performed by the NP/PA-C, to treat surface veins.

Also in this role, the NP/PA-C will assist in practice development through professional networking and by participating in physician/practice/patient education activities, i.e. Lunch and Learns. This position will primarily support the Oak Brook, IL. clinic locations providing additional support to other clinics in the market as needed.

This position will require a significant level of independence and autonomy. The NP/PA-C will be developing a semi-independent “practice within a practice” while working in partnership with the VCA physician. This is an exciting opportunity that will allow the NP/PA-C to develop and hone a specialized set of skills, utilizing the safer, more effective and minimally invasive, treatment options that are available to patients today.



Graduation from an approved NP/PA - C program

Meet state licensing requirements applicable to a practicing NP/PA-C.

Ongoing maintenance of professional licensures and Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.

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Vein Clinics of America, Inc


Nurse Practitioner/Certified Physician Assistant PA-C Vein Clinics of America, Inc - Merrillville, IN, United States


Location: Merrillville, IN

Company Profile:
D. Brian McDonagh , MD received his medical degree from University College Dublin, National University of Ireland. He interned at Tucson Medical Center in Arizona and served his residency in internal medicine and physical medicine/rehabilitation at Wayne State University in Michigan . His interest in vein disease began with his personal affliction and a family history of varicose veins. His search for an effective, non-surgical treatment led him to Ireland , England , Switzerland and France , where he studied multiple versions of injection treatments. Dr. McDonagh founded VCA in Chicago in 1981 and developed extensive experience and a reputation for his non-surgical approach to varicose vein treatment. VCA has grown to include over 20 locations, successfully treating over 50,000 patients.