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Moses Cone Health System

LPN Long term care Relief

Moses Cone Health System - Burlington, KS

Work Schedule12 hour daysSpecific Work Schedule Detail12 hour days, alternating weekendsOpportunity Our PurposeTogether, we create unsurpassed health care experiences.Our IntentWe are the leader in delivering integrated, innovative health care.Our ValuesAt Cone Health, we value and are accountable for:• Caring for Our PatientsWe provide exceptional quality, compassionate care and service in a safe, respectful environment.• Caring for Each OtherWe appreciate each other through honest communication and respect. We inspire ongoing learning, pride, passion and fun.• Caring for Our CommunitiesWe engage our communities with integrity and transparency. We embrace our responsibility to promote health and well-being.Education / Licensure / Certification EDUCATION:Required:Graduate of a Licensed Practical Nursing program.LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRY/LISTING:Required:LPN - Licensed Practical NurseBLS (CPR) - AHA Health Care Provider BLSQualifications EXPERIENCE:Preferred:1 year Healthcare - Nurse: LPN, LVNAdditional Information:One year professional experience in a clinical setting preferredKNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:Required:Ability to delegatePersonal Safety - Responds appropriately to emergency situations (Cone Health Codes) and demonstrates knowledge of how to respond. Always uses appropriate safety devices and techniques (examples: using safe lift equipment and needle safe devices; pushing carts; correctly lifting copy paper).Ability to present information to a groupOral and Written Communication Skills - Ability to communicate effectively through both oral and written formats.Leadership SkillsMedical TerminologyAbility to work independentlyAccountability - Takes responsibility for own actions, including the impact of own decisions on patients and others. Also takes responsibility for actions of any direct reports, avoiding blame or excuses. Takes appropriate action when anyone in the organization violates standards or regulations, viewing it as unacceptable to 'look the other way'.Adaptability - Effectively assesses and adjusts to changes in circumstances, resources, or environment, using the creativity and flexibility required to remain effective. Views change as a constant, accepting and adjusting to twists and turns. Adjusts to the especially unpredictable nature of a healthcare environment, shifting focus as necessary, and taking reasonable action, even when faced with various levels of uncertainty.Communication - Accepts responsibility for effective two-way communication using clear and well-organized oral and written techniques. Demonstrates self-awareness of non-verbal messages, keeping verbal and non-verbal messages consistent. Incorporates recognition of cultural impact on understanding and effectively uses interpreters and language translation devices.Computer Literacy - Working knowledge of personal computer and communications technology.Knowledge of Concepts, Procedures and Techniques - Possess knowledge of concepts, procedures and troubleshooting techniques.Problem Solving - Identifies practices or procedures that are not working effectively and challenges underlying assumptions. Includes a representative number of persons when addressing issues (including patients and their families), resulting in the best resolution from various perspectives. Looks for the root cause of any problem, resulting in solutions that are enduring and sustainable.Proficiency in Tools and Equipment - Ability to demonstrate proficiency in the application of tools, test equipment and meters to effectively diagnose equipment problems and/or failures consistently.Responsiveness - Reacts promptly when requests are made or situations clearly call for it. Shifts priorities when a timely response is essential. Actions reflect sensitivity to patient/customer needs and sense of urgency. Balances speed of response with safety concerns.Time Management - Establishes priorities during routine daily operations, addressing time-sensitive matters first, while also accomplishing day-to-day tasks and duties. Effectively triages tasks and events according to urgency level, impact on patients and outcomes desired under special conditions (e.g., during crises and emergencies). Makes choices that result in maximum completion of essential duties and minimum personal stress.Ability to work in stressful situations - Ability to remain calm and composed in stressful situations (ie: fast paced environment, meeting deadlines/work quotas, etc.)Integrity - Demonstrates an unwavering commitment to do what is ethically 'right'. Consistently tells the truth unless doing so would violate confidentiality or compromise the safety or privacy rights of patients or others. Behaves in a manner fully consistent with stated intentions and commitments, even when there is no one to witness activities. Stands up for what is right even when there are personal risks or when there are clear rewards for doing otherwise.Interpersonal skills - Demonstrates an ability to interact with others in a courteous and professional manner and establish good working relationships.Ability to influence others not under direct controlPHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Medium Work:Exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally (up to 1/3 of the time), and/or; 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of the time), and/or; greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly (2/3 or more of the time) to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects, including the human body.Respiratory Fit Testing: RequiredHEARING/VISION:Hear and differentiate low volume sounds in order to make judgments regarding actions neededHear alarm bells, verbal conversations, telephone voices and normal volume soundsClose vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships)Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:* Annual flu shot* Annual TB test (if applicable to your job location)* Annual CBLs (Safety at Work and Corporate Compliance)* Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing (if applicable to your job)Job Description JOB SUMMARY:Under the direction of the RN or MD, provides quality patient care using the nursing process standards and policies established by the North Carolina Nurse Practice Act and hospital standards.MAJOR WORK ACTIVITIES:Performs general patient care under the direction of the RN, MD or Provider. Collects patient history and medical information and any additional information such as biological, psychological, social and cultural factors needed to provide complete treatment of the patient and documents in medical record. Performs clinical and technical aspects of nursing care in accordance with prescribed procedure and technique and according to unit standards and competencies. Assists in identifying patient problems, patient and family goals and developing plan of care. Implements plan of care as directed by RN or MD and documents nursing interventions performed according to policy and procedure. Documents patient response to interventions and communicates effectiveness to RN or MD or provider. Prepares equipment and exam rooms as necessary to assist physician or provider during treatment, examination and testing of patients. Implements proper procedure, technique and safety precautions as warranted by condition of patient, and monitors such practices by nursing assistants. (40%)Establishes a caring and therapeutic nurse/healthcare team/patient/significant other relationships. Recognizes communication barriers, identifies resources and establishes plans to resolve barriers to communication. Demonstrates respect for diversity and cultural differences in patient/significant others related to age, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomics, education, personality, or other unique variable. Advocates for the patient/significant other. Demonstrates skillful responses to customer needs based on particular context of the situation. Provides education to staff related to the patient/nurse relationship. Provides patient with health care instruction and information appropriate to his/her needs as stated in the plan of care documenting information provided and patient response. (35%)Demonstrates personal accountability and effective conflict resolution/negotiation skills. Demonstrates appropriate use of universal precautions and use of personal protective equipment. Maintains safe environment and responds appropriately to emergencies and safety hazards. Promotes positive, supportive, and professional work environment free of disruptive behavior. Practices, in all professional relationships, with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual. Follows Chain of Command for assistance with issues related to unresolved/problem-solving and/or conflict resolution. Provides, seeks and receives constructive feedback. Provides peer to peer feedback and seeks mediation as necessary. Facilitates building and preserving collaborative and respectful relationships. (25%)WORKING CONDITIONS:Occurs over two-thirds of the time:Exposure to bloodborne pathogens Hazardous waste and/or toxic/caustic chemicalsFumes or airborne particles iCARE - COMMITMENTS TO CARE:CommunicationI will create and engage in conversations of possibility.o I will be open to innovation and creativity.o I will listen to understand. o I will bring ideas for solutions and be open to alternative ideas. o I will be open to constructive feedback. o I will not engage or listen to negativity or gossip. o I will be positive when speaking about Cone Health, my department, and my coworkers. o I will be approachable. o I will focus on behaviors, not the person, during conflict.AccountabilityI will honor my word.o I will do what I say when I say I will. o I will “clean it up” when I can’t keep my word. o I will honor my work agreement. o I will be “on the court” instead of “in the stands.” o I will follow up in a timely manner on commitments and requests. o I will apologize when someone experiences less than excellent service. o I will take responsibility for my actions, decisions and performance. o I will protect patient safety (best practices: ex – hand hygiene).RespectI will assume the best of intentions and embrace differences.o I will collaborate and seek other people’s input. o I will demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and respect with my tone of voice and body language. o I will speak positively about Cone Health – managing up coworkers, physicians, departments, patients and visitors. o I will ask the person directly involved when I don’t know. o I will include diverse skills, abilities, strengths, and backgrounds to create better outcomes. o I will care for myself while also respecting others.EmpowermentI will own it, solve it, and celebrate it!o I will offer solutions when problems are identified.o I will share my input for decisions by participating in forums such as shared governance, town halls, employee engagement survey, brown bag discussions, employee councils, staff meetings, or directly with my manager. o I will take charge and do the right thing at the right time. o I will make decisions keeping a balance of service, quality, and cost in mind. o I will demonstrate Cone Health values. o I will seek opportunities to celebrate and have fun. o I will recognize good work.

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Moses Cone Health System


LPN Long term care Relief Moses Cone Health System - Burlington, KS, United States


Location: Burlington, KS

Company Profile:
Moses Cone Health System is a multi-hospital system with a range of outpatient services designed to provide care for Piedmont residents throughout all stages of their lives. Residents of our primary service area of Guilford, Randolph, Rockingham and Alamance counties and the city of Kernersville depend on us for convenient, affordable and compassionate care - care delivered regardless of a patient s ability to pay.