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Jewel-Osco Loss Prevention Officer


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JOB TITLE: Jewel Security Officer/Senior Security Officer



Observe/patrol total store and contiguous grounds to identify/prevent potential thefts from Jewel-Osco by employees, customers or others. Protect and safeguard Jewel-Osco property, associates and customers. Detain individuals observed in illegal acts, may arrange for arrest by police.


Accountable and Reports to: District Loss Prevention Manager


• Observe total store and contiguous grounds to identify/prevent potential thefts from Jewel-Osco, its customers, and associates.

• Patrol the store in various patterns, being sure to observe specific areas of concern such as the cash registers, service desk, meat department, and other parts of the store where there is expensive merchandise.

• May use a loft, if available, to view the store from a concealed vantage point.

• Check the door alarms at least on a weekly basis to assure that the alarms are in working order (by opening the door without having the alarm key in place).

• Assist management in inspecting the burglar/safe alarm system weekly; report alarms which are out of order to Store Manager.

• Check to be sure all doors are secure when they are not being used.

• Check garbage in the back room and perimeter of store in order to ensure that good merchandise has not been placed there to be picked up later.

• Observe receiving clerk during receiving process to be sure the proper receiving procedures and policies are being used and that the count of product received is correct for direct delivery loads such as bread and doughnuts.

• Monitor security of keys, invoices and store stamps; observe checkers in an unobtrusive manner to determine whether there is discounting.

• May use hidden video camera to observe suspected employee to determine whether there is discounting or other dishonest activity or irregularities.

• Observe the cash pick-ups from the checkers, may observe counting of money by both checker and service desk person to be sure no money is misappropriated.

• Observe front end, blocking of aisles, alternating registers and assist in loss prevention program and report areas of potential losses.

• Check outside lights in order to ensure that lights are on at appropriate times; observe trucks during delivery to ensure that product and/or vehicle is not removed by an unauthorized individual.

• Check departments for unauthorized products, security of stamps and invoices; check employee receipts to ensure that associates have paid for food prior to consumption.

• Check employee bags (purchases) upon their exit for proper receipt; check to ensure that employee personal articles are secured in lockers for security and sanitation purposes.

• Check rest rooms for hidden merchandise; check coolers for bags or merchandise which does not belong there.

• Observe people who are loitering in the store and approach and question them to investigate and discourage their pursuing a planned illegal activity.

• Walk aisles of store to check that customers are not concealing Jewel-Osco items on their person.

• Test EAS System daily.

• Respond to all alarms in the store to determine the cause.

• Walk through parking lots to observe and, if appropriate, question suspicious individuals. ','Jewel-Osco Loss Prevention Officer

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Jewel-Osco Loss Prevention Officer SUPERVALU INC. - Itasca, IL, United States


Location: Itasca, IL

Company Profile:
SUPERVALU® is a grocery industry leader, serving customers through more than 3,400 owned, licensed, franchised and affiliated stores across the country. Our roots are in supply chain and wholesale distribution; in subsequent years we’ve grown to include traditional and hard discount grocery retail formats. Today we proudly provide millions of customers with the best products on the shelves: national brands and our high-quality and affordable private label products. Superior service, engrained in our culture, sets us apart from the competition and provides the experience our customers expect.