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R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

Hoist Operator 1

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company - Durham, NC

PBM Graphics an RRD company, is a leading commercial printing and packaging company in North America, producing educational products, publications, and sales materials for the healthcare industry and general commercial print for many other industries, as well as collectible trading cards associated with the entertainment and sports industries.

Primary duties:

Perform safety checks on lifts

Drive forklift truck equipped with lifting devices such as forklift, fork-grapple, clamps, elevating platform, or trailer hitch, to push, pull, lift, stack, tier

Move raw paper materials and in process products and finished products, equipment, or materials in warehouse, storage yard, or factory

May load and unload semi trailer trucks. Maintain accurate inventory and report any discrepancies

May load or unload materials onto or off of pallets, skids, or lifting device

May lubricate truck, recharge batteries, fill fuel tank, or replace liquefied-gas tank

Other duties as assigned

Required Skills

Must be skilled in handling controls for starting, stopping, backings, and driving fork lift or clamp truck through aisles in building, up and down ramps, and in and out of trucks, etc.; and, for lifting, lowering, and tilting forks by moving hands, arms, feet, and legs to operate controls

Must know how high, wide, and long the fork lift truck and its load are, and how much the fork lift truck can lift

Ability to identify how high and wide a doorway and an aisle must be to drive the forklift truck and its load; how high and wide the shelf, bin, etc. must be to place the load; and how high the load must be lifted to reach the shelf or bin

Must be able to recognize whether the fork lift truck is able to lift the load and whether the load is properly balanced

Ability to learn the layout of the storage area to be able to find, and place items without need for detailed instructions

Required Experience


Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

Previous experience with PBM Graphics an RRD company preferred.

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R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company


Hoist Operator 1 R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company - Durham, NC, United States


Location: Durham, NC

Company Profile:
RR Donnelley (Nasdaq:RRD) is a global provider of integrated communications. The company works collaboratively with more than 60,000 customers worldwide to develop custom communications solutions that reduce costs, drive top-line growth, enhance ROI and increase compliance. Drawing on a range of proprietary and commercially available digital and conventional technologies deployed across four continents, the company employs a suite of leading Internet based capabilities and other resources to provide premedia, printing, logistics and business process outsourcing services to clients in virtually every private and public sector.