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Olin Corporation - Chlor Alkali Products Division

Environmental Technician

Olin Corporation - Chlor Alkali Products Division - Charleston, TN

Olin Chlor Alkali Products & Vinyls

, a division of Olin Corporation, has an opening for an Environmental Technician

, located in Charleston, Tennessee. This role will

coordinate operational activities of the on-site Hazardous Waste Landfill and Brine Sludge Landfill as well was coordinate post-closure activities of the HTH, Pond 1 and Inactive landfills. The incumbent will provide heavy equipment services to the facility and conduct regulatory inspections maintaining the documentation to meet permit requirements. He/she will also coordinate major maintenance and contractor efforts with substantial safety-related consequences and exposure potential.


Follow all plant operating and safety policies and procedures to make on-the-job decisions to permit safe and efficient operations of the area and the overall plant, according to specified and delegated authority.

Interface with ORC staff and remain knowledgeable of changes in government regulations in order to ensure Olin Charleston properly maintains required data to demonstrate compliance with environmental permits as assigned.

Work closely with operating personnel to eliminate pollution incidents and to ensure that proper preventative action is taken to eliminate potential incidents.

Coordinate activities related to the physical operation of each of the facility landfills in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Operate, inspect and maintain the leachate transfer system from the HWLF and the BSLF.

Maintain the drainage and vegetation for the four inactive landfills.

Coordinate the cleaning of the brine recovery pits, transfer material to dewatering pad, and transfer brine sludge to BSLF.

Operate, inspect and maintain the air structure at the HWLF.

Construct and maintain interim cap at the BSLF. Provide recommendations for development of new BSLF cell.

Coordinate chemical use at ponds.

Accumulate, transfer and dispose of the sand from the rubber shop operations.

Maintain plant gravel roadways, laydown areas, pipeline road and drainage structures.

Coordinate the cleaning of the brine and cell building central sumps and transfer the material to recovery/disposal.

Maintain plant ponds, sanitary sewer and chemical sewer piping.

Maintain plant borrow/spoil areas and provide fill for projects.

Provide spill response emergency heavy equipment support in emergencies.

Provide plant underground piping heavy equipment support in emergencies.

Perform routine equipment maintenance for heavy equipment.

Assist in conducting and documenting regulatory required inspections of equipment and facilities.

Provide assessment and classification of waste material for disposal.

Coordinate major environmental construction/maintenance activities at landfills, ponds, and TSD units.

Coordinate all construction/maintenance activities related to plant waste management facilities.

Assure all plant excavation activities are conducted in compliance with plant excavation policy.

Responsible for operation of $1mm investment in plant heavy equipment.

Communicate and interface with EPA, State and public regulatory inspections and facility operations.

Coordinate major maintenance and contractor efforts with substantial safety consequences and operations.

Support Emergency Response Team activities.

Assist in overall area responsibilities for best coordination of area and plant operation.

Maintain effective communication and coordination with area supervisors and other operator technicians.

Perform minor maintenance to maintain good and continuous 24-hour operation.

Assist in keeping a shift log book of significant conditions, information, or results.

Cooperate with maintenance and development projects to attain maximum efficiency in operations and minimize outages of equipment.

Promote and practice operational excellence, good safety and housekeeping.

Make suggestions according to the proper procedure for improvements in operation and safety.

Keep an accurate record of time worked.

Complete required training on a timely basis.

Perform all duties in alignment with Olin’s quality policy and per the ISO9001/RC14001 standards and procedures.

Perform other duties as directed by the area supervisor.

Minimum Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent.

Experience in related fields preferred. Experence operating heavy equipment preferred.

Must meet the physical requirements including, but not limited to, climbing stairs and ladders.Must be able to pass fit test for full and half face respirators.

Must be able to digest and disseminate written information and make numerical calculations sufficiently well to perform assigned general and specific duties and responsibilities.

Knowledge of RCRA, OSHA and regulated state and federal regulations.

Must be available for overtime and call-ins.

Good verbal and written communication skills.

Must have basic computer skills including Word and Excel, SAP knowledge a plus.

Must be able to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).

Olin is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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Olin Corporation - Chlor Alkali Products Division


Environmental Technician Olin Corporation - Chlor Alkali Products Division - Charleston, TN, United States


Location: Charleston, TN

Company Profile:
Founded by Franklin Olin in 1892, Olin Industries began as a blasting powder company, supplying powder to Midwestern coal fields. The company's success soon prompted its expansion into small arms ammunition and the formation of the Western Cartridge Company in 1898. Olin Industries went on to play a critical supply role in U.S. defense during World Wars I and II. By the 1950s, Olin Industries had expanded into a wide range of businesses, including brass and other nonferrous alloys, arms and ammunition, explosives, cellophane, cigarette and fine papers, construction fastening systems and forest products. The Olin Corporation is the result of a 1954 merger of Olin Industries and Mathieson Chemical Corporation. Although both companies were founded in the same year, over 100 years ago, and had complimentary manufacturing businesses with similar philosophies, they produced very different products.