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Safeway, Inc.

Dairy Manager / LYNNWOOD, 3523

Safeway, Inc. - Lynnwood, WA

JOB DESCRIPTION: As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Dairy Manager provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service. The Dairy Manager sorts and rotates merchandise and stocks shelves in the dairy department of a retail grocery store. Trains schedules and assigns duties to dairy clerks. Follows division guidelines for implementation of the merchandising program. Changes signs and prices as directed by merchandising. Inventories floor stock and cooler stock daily. Writes dairy orders in the dairy order book. Checks orders for completeness upon arrival. Responsible for maintaining appropriate stock and inventory in the dairy area. May stock products in displays or cases on the floor. Cleans shelves, products, and coolers, rotates and faces stock. Stores milk, eggs, and dairy foods in appropriate cooler/freezers. Empties trash cans, keeps the dairy department clean. May answer telephone, make/or answer intercom pages. Rotates product and removes out of date product daily. May also function as cashier-checker during peak times. JOB DUTIES: Safeway Dairy Manager employees are generally responsible for completing the following job duties: 1. Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy. 2. Train, schedule, and supervise dairy workers to ensure optimum staffing patterns in the department. 3. Speak with customers to resolve problems with sales, dissatisfaction with service, or other problems related to the operation of the dairy department. 4. Maintain cleanliness of dairy area of the store. 5. Replace stock in coolers, freezers, and dairy displays in the dairy area. 6. Clean shelves, products, and cooler. 7. Ensure that all expired items are removed from the shelves daily. Track distressed merchandise. 8. Perform daily inventory and provide necessary supplies to maintain adequate inventory. 9. Responsible for taking daily temperature checks. 10. Other duties as assigned. JOB RELATED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience. 2. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers. 3. Ability to work independently. 4. Ability to understand and follow instructions. 5. Desired: Previous experience as a clerk. 6. Desired: Prior management experience. Additional Info Job Industries Retail

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Safeway, Inc.


Dairy Manager / LYNNWOOD, 3523 Safeway, Inc. - Lynnwood, WA, United States


Location: Lynnwood, WA

Company Profile:
In 1915, M.B. Skaggs, an ambitious young man in the small Idaho town of American Falls, purchased a tiny grocery store from his father. M.B.'s business strategy, to give his customers value and to expand by keeping a narrow profit margin, proved spectacularly successful. By 1926 he was opening 428 Skaggs stores in 10 states. M.B. almost doubled the size of his business that year when he merged his company with 322 Safeway (formerly Selig) stores and incorporated as Safeway, Inc. Two years later M.B. listed Safeway on the New York Stock Exchange. M.B. did not let the difficulties of the Great Depression dilute his pioneering focus on value for customers. In the 1930s Safeway introduced produce pricing by the pound, adding “sell by” dates on perishables to assure freshness, nutritional labeling, even some of the first parking lots.