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Rogers Memorial Hospital


Rogers Memorial Hospital - Oconomowoc, WI

Job Duties & Responsibilities


Meal Production

1. Prepare food for appropriate meal following standardizes recipes and production sheets, paying strict attention to safe and proper food handling. Batch-cooking during meal times to ensure quality.

2. Deliver foods quickly and covered to ensure proper temperatures and that food safety procedures are upheld.

3. Prepare meals in a timely manner according to appropriate meal service time, with strong attention to texture, color, taste, and presentation of product.

4. Accurately use diet extensions for preparation of special diet therapeutic needs. Prepare special items ordered by the dietitian or as listed on Diet Guidelines.

5. Document the amount of food prepared and left over, along with current census, on production sheets immediately after each meal.

6. Properly cool, cover, label, and date all leftovers and use leftover meal items within a four-day period, adjusting entrée amounts as needed according to census.

7. Ensure that all food is of acceptable quality and appealing presentation and is in the correct temperature range. Record temperatures on production sheets.


Meal Service – Patient, Staff & Guests

1. Take the prepared temperature of all food items throughout the entire meal time, to assure all foods are in the safe temperature zone. Record temperatures on the daily log sheets in the production book.

2. Cover all foods before transporting them from the kitchen.

3. Instruct the Dietary Services assistant in the proper portion size and amount to serve.

4. Assure proper serving utensils are available for hot and cold food items.

5. The food line is to be stock/re-stocked throughout meal periods. Assist the Dietary Services assistant in stocking the Dietary Room during meal times.

6. Assist in serving food to patients, staff and visitors in a polite and courteous manner.

7. Ensure that all dietitian and special diet orders are followed.











Chef /Cook

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1. Perform daily, weekly and monthly cleaning assignments and document completion.

2. Clean, sanitize and organize all work areas and equipment, following equipment cleaning procedures throughout the shift, adopting a ‘clean-as-you-go’ philosophy.

3. Keep walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers clean, neat and organized.

4. Ensure that all items are covered, labeled, dated, and used within proper times.

5. Periodically check the temperatures of all refrigerators and freezers daily and record information on the temperature log sheet. Follow proper procedures for improper temperatures.

6. Maintain high standards of sanitation and safety; assure proper food storage and food handling at all times.

7. Comply with hospital safety and infection control programs.



1. Help conceive menu ideas.

2. Assist in production service and clean-up of special functions.

3. Follow, complete, and sign off the posted daily job specifications.

4. Direct the Dietary Services assistants in the absence of the department manager and head chef.

5. Purchase food items from a local grocery store (i.e.,


) as directed by the manager of Dietary Services.

6. Check with the Dietary Services manager and head chef to ensure all production work and cleaning tasks are completed satisfactorily.

7. Perform other duties as assigned by the department manager and/or head chef.

8. Assist in all areas needed to ensure safety and quality to our customers.

9. Comply with hospital policies and procedures, including Employee Health, Safety, Infection Control, and Human Resources.

10. Maintain a positive attitude and be able to assist and direct peers during stressful situations.

11. Set an example of using time wisely.

12. Promote a team environment by example and by participating in workload completion when necessary.

13. Interact with employees and patients in a sensitive and positive manner.

14. Attend outside seminars to promote professional growth.

15. Project a professional image by wearing appropriate attire and maintaining a poised image when relating with others.

E. Participate in hospital committees, meetings and team projects, including all mandatory inservices and meetings. May be involved in department’s performance improvement projects.

Required Skills

Physical/Mental Demands

1. Verbal and hearing ability required to interact with patients and employees. Numerical ability required to maintain records, work with recipes and measurements.

2. Must be able to read and communicate through written, verbal and auditory skills and abilities.











Chef /Cook

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3. Standing and walking to an outbuilding is required most of the shift. The position requires stooping, reaching, lifting, and carrying food and kitchen equipment. Must be able to lift thirty (30) pounds.

4. Must be willing to work variable hours including weekends and holidays. Must find own coverage or trade for time off conflicting with assigned weekends and holidays. Trades must be approved by the manager and should not involve overtime.

5. Must be available for flex scheduling 5:30


to 7:30


6. Must be willing and able to effectively communicate needs and issues with the head cook and department manager.

7. Physically/mentally able to perform job duties as verified by a physical exam by a licensed physician, per post-employment physical.

Required Experience

Education/Training Requirements

1. Must be 18 years of age or older.

2. No formal education is required.

3. Experience in hospital, institutional or restaurant cooking with at least one (1) year proven experience.

4. Sanitation certification within one (1) year of employment.

5. Chef/Cooks working in a CBRF and/or RCC program(s) are required to complete CBRF first-aid, universal precautions, and dietary courses within ninety (90) days of hire.

6. Valid Wisconsin driver license.

Job Location

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States

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Rogers Memorial Hospital


Cook Rogers Memorial Hospital - Oconomowoc, WI, United States


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