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New Directions Behavioral Health

Clinical Care Consultant

New Directions Behavioral Health - Kansas City, MO


The Clinical Care Consultant will be responsible for handling telephone contacts that require a counselor at the time of the call, and can also do follow-up with sensitive cases. This position is for a new business division.

The Clinical Care Consultant:

  • Provides interventions for high risk individuals and determines appropriate services

  • Conducts clinical telephonic focused screenings for individuals who are referred

  • Manages and discusses clinical care with HR managers and other personnel from company

  • Conducts clinical reviews on high risk cases

  • Providers Customer Services call back up/overflow during peak call times


  • Provides clinical consultation to managers, supervisors, and HR’s on any challenging workplace issues

  • Assesses for and provides appropriate clinical recommendations and referral resources for clients needing services beyond the EAP benefit or scope.

  • Manages Formal Management Referrals and Substance Abuse Referrals

  • Demonstrates a professional knowledge of mental health diagnosis and treatment modalities in an EAP context

  • Demonstrates clinical expertise in response to a variety of circumstances ranging from crisis intervention to routine business matters

  • Provides brief or problem focused treatment

  • Demonstrates consistency in professional demeanor in response to all calls regardless of the nature or circumstances of the call

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the range of mental health and EAP benefits provided and coordinates care with community treatment resources, mental health managed care programs, and community support services

  • Completes appropriate documentation in clinical systems in compliance within policy and regulatory standards

  • Demonstrates ability to manage multiple tasks and software systems in a fast-paced changing environment

  • Demonstrates ability and willingness to work with a multi-disciplinary team, participates in staff meetings, and presents clinical cases to staff upon request of supervisor

  • Complies with all Federal and applicable State laws and New Directions Behavioral Health Policies regarding, privacy, confidentiality, and security of health information, and other designated information.

  • This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and can be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities as deemed necessary.



  • A master’s and/or doctorate degree from an accredited college or university recognized by the corresponding professional association(s) in a clinical mental health field.

  • A current state license or state certification to practice as a mental health practitioner (e.g., social worker, clinical psychologist, marriage and family counselor, and professional counselor) in the state(s) where practice takes place. If such licensure/certification is not available in that state, the individual will hold appropriate certification from a recognized national certification organization or board.

  • Any counselor assigned to perform duties related to clients in other states, e.g., telephonic screening, CISM, assessment, counseling and referral; back-up for remote locations; and short-term temporary case-management must be licensed or certified in the state where he/she is physically located and have adequate knowledge of the state laws governing mental health issues and clinical practice for the population they are serving. 

  •  Authority to practice at the independent level without requiring state-mandated clinical supervision. 

  • Demonstrated capability to complete accurate bio-psychosocial assessments, including substance abuse assessments. 

  • Specialized experience and/or training in phone counseling

  • A minimum of five years of clinical experience after receiving the graduate degree. 

  • Counselors will be knowledgeable about federal and state laws governing privacy, confidentiality, duty-to-warn, child and elder abuse reporting requirements. 

  •  The clinician will be bound by the laws of confidentiality and will discuss no specific clinical information with the referring supervisor unless the client has signed an authorization to use and disclose form authorizing the disclosure of specific information. 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong computer skills


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New Directions Behavioral Health


Clinical Care Consultant New Directions Behavioral Health - Kansas City,MO,United States


Location: Kansas City, MO

Company Profile:
Good health is absolutely essential for every one of us. At New Directions, we believe that the physical, mental and emotional wellness of your colleagues contributes directly to your organization’s financial and business performance. Our members are individuals and families, just like you and yours. Employers, health care providers and leading health care companies have partnered with us for more than two decades to help guide individuals toward balance in their careers and personal lives. We provide the compassionate care and innovative tools that enable members to overcome obstacles and challenges—so they can thrive and your business can flourish. We are committed to serving our members, partners and providers with 24/7 support, reducing cost through active preventative solutions and delivering award-winning innovation through our unique clinical service infrastructure. We offer a full range of behavioral health solutions. Our relationship with health plans enables us to integrate our services seamlessly with traditional medical support. Our managed behavioral health services include incisive analytics, the finest in quality assurance and customer service that goes beyond the extra mile in providing care. We believe that together is the way forward. Through the power of partnerships, we can make a meaningful, lasting difference.