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Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A.

Case Investigator

Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A. - Tampa, FL

Position Title: Case Investigator

Reports To: Intake Manager

Essential Functions of the Job:

Overview Case Investigators represent the law firm in a prospective client’s first communication with the firm.  Case Investigators investigate the facts that the prospective client presents and must make timely and accurate decisions based on their communications with the client

Details  Case Investigators provide opportunities to the law firm by patiently listening to prospective new clients, systematically eliciting and recording the information from the prospective client (along with information which the firm requires a new client to provide). 

While interacting with the prospective clients, Case Investigators evaluate the information that they have elicited and recorded against new client profiles which determine whether the prospective client can be assisted.  This requires that Case Investigators learn the types of claims that the lawyers in the law firm handle and the specific details which are necessary to bring such claims.  Case Investigators must be able to apply that learned knowledge in their telephone communication with prospective new clients in order to provide accurate factual information with which our firm can prepare demand letters and court filings without further interactions with prospective clients.

Case Investigators must carefully provide prospective clients with accurate information about the firm’s processes, including whether or not the firm can assist the client, and be able to persuade prospective clients that they may end their search for legal representation pending a final decision on representation. 

At all times during their interactions with prospective clients, Case Investigators must be poised and patient in eliciting and receiving information while guiding the prospective client to provide the data that is critical to the representation decision. 

Case Investigators must function in a team environment, communicate effectively in written and oral communications, systematically record information and timely complete related tasks utilizing software for follow-up communication and scheduling.

Case Investigators must preserve the confidentiality of prospective clients. 

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Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A.

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