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Jacobs (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc)

Aviation Inspector Job

Jacobs (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc) - Palmdale, CA

This is a journeyman level position that works as an FAA Airframe & Powerplant licensed quality inspector to apply a knowledgeable understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), aircraft specific technical manuals and organizational procedures to ensure the quality of aircraft maintenance activities of assigned aircraft.

This position will ensure all maintenance actions and inspections are accomplished according to guiding directives, technical manuals and regulations for the aircraft, engine or appliance being returned to service. Inspections may be performed on any system or procedure to ensure quality of the product. Additionally, this position may perform NonDestructive Testing on Airframe, its components and other equipment used to support NDI/NDT.

Work Scope (Duties & Responsibilities):

Inspect and verify aircraft and aircraft subsystem work per NASA, Air Force, Navy, FAA and commercial requirements.

Apply technical and mechanical knowledge and skills to solve and provide technical guidance for unusually complex problems of aircraft, subsystems, parts and equipment to specified operational condition.

Identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of configuration items, control configuration changes, record and report configuration status.

Perform nondestructive testing using fluorescent liquid penetrant, magnetic particles and electro-magnetic techniques.

Perform current, ultrasonic & radiography inspection on airframe structural components & support equipment.

Utilize statistical techniques to determine life cycle of engine components as determined by acceptable quality levels established by technical orders and industry data.

Interface with project management, engineers, crew chiefs and aircraft crew.

Perform Mandatory Inspection Points at AFRC/Building 703 Palmdale and Vendor facilities.

Review, approve, and perform inspections of quality procedures, processes, and change requests.

Perform toolbox audits and inventory inspections.

Monitor currency and filing of technical publications at aircraft.

Witness operational tests/checks on equipment in accordance with approved technical data.

Recommend changes in methods, procedures, processes and other techniques employed to improve the productivity without compromising safety or quality of assigned tasks.

Ensure the requirements for Continued Airworthiness are satisfied prior to the aircraft being returned to service.

Perform Surveillance activities of assigned areas and hangers.

Provide weekly inspection/surveillance reports to Quality Inspection Branch Chief.

Record measurement results (the record shall show the actual test results data) and evaluate test / inspection results against accept / reject criteria.

Record measurement instruments used to include identification number and due date.

Ensure all work which requires an inspection is performed and subsequently captured in the NASA aircraft maintenance management system, on the appropriate quality record (if applicable), or other approved documentation format.

*This list is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities.

Education and Experience:

Must have a high school diploma with 2 years of general work experience or Prefer A&P license (2 years vocational training) and 12 years of experience, or any equivalent combination of education/experience for a total of 14 years.

May include NDI/NDT certification as additional education. Must be an FAA Airframe and Powerplant licensed technician or able to attain within six months from hire date or hold a NDI/NDT Certificate for inspection/testing along with 4 years of related experience. If required, must be able to obtain an FAA Inspector Authorization license for work performed on FAA aircraft Must maintain currency on training and proficiency requirements for FAA certifications as well organizational level required and assigned aircraft maintenance certifications and/or training to remain inspector qualified

Must have an aviation practical understanding of FARs, Air Force, Navy, NASA and commercial requirements Must have knowledgeable of aircraft systems and aircraft maintenance practices Must be experienced in all levels of aircraft organizational servicing, repair and overhaul Must be experienced in use of and configuration control of aircraft technical publications Must be multi-task oriented and capable of prioritizing; must be able to manage aircraft maintenance schedules to perform inspections

Essential Functions

Physical Requirements

Working at a computer or desk (considerations: sitting, eye strain, hand strain)

May involve long periods of sitting

Work Environment

An inside office environment

Needs to have clear, concise and accurate communication skills

Need to work well with, co-operate, and support clients, supervisors, and co-workers

May work in a hangar environment with extreme temperatures.

Must be able to work in confined spaces.

Equipment and Machines

Standard office equipment and machines, computer workstation.

Working at a computer or desk


Normal hours are Monday - Friday, between the core hours of 7 :00am - 6:00pm.

Punctuality and regular attendance are necessary to meet deadlines

Regular attendance is necessary and required

This position may work weekends or second shift. Flexibility is required based upon workload.

Job Criteria:

Start Date:

Position Type: Full-Time Permanent

Years of Experience Required:

Education Required:

Overnight Travel:

Vacation Time:

14 days 4 hours ago

Jacobs (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc)


Aviation Inspector Job Jacobs (Jacobs Engineering Group Inc) - Palmdale, CA, United States


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