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Area Construction Manager

Meritage Homes Corporation - Atlanta, GA

From the homes we build to the careers we offer, we\u2019re about doing things that actually make a difference in your life and the way you live. Meritage Homes is a thriving company that believes in building beautiful, incredibly innovative and energy-efficient homes people adore.
We were the first national top 10 homebuilder to have every home we build be 100% ENERGY STAR® certified. And with more than 100,000 homes built, our focus, since day one, has been to build incredible new homes and communities in prime locations for fantastic prices. But more than anything, we build energy-efficient homes and communities for people who appreciate a home being built the way it can, and should, be built. And for the staff at Meritage Homes that make this all possible, we believe in having the same standards of quality and reward that make for an enjoyable career. 
When joining Meritage Homes, you and your career can benefit in a number of ways, including:

An entrepreneurial work environment that encourages creativity and innovative ideas from every level
A competitive drive to be the best
Pride in delivering a quality product that benefits people and the environment, superior service, and exceptional value
Top-notch benefits
The opportunity to further your career in a growing national organization
Team atmosphere where every individual is considered a vital asset

To manage new home construction for assigned area, ensuring homes are delivered according to specified cycle time, within allotted budgets, and achieve division and company customer satisfaction goals. And, to effectively manage all Area Construction personnel through implementation and oversight of systems and procedures.

Personnel Management \u2022 Recruit, interview, and hire area construction personnel utilizing Meritage Homes Standard Operation Procedures. \u2022 Ensure the thorough training of all area construction personnel, i.e. technical training; scopes-of-work, warranty specifications, and customer satisfaction. Continually assess the educational needs of construction personnel and provide internal or external training as necessary. \u2022 Conduct quarterly Growth Reviews with Construction Managers; set goals. \u2022 Resolve any employee questions or issues; handle performance problems as necessary. \u2022 Generate and monitor monthly management reports reflecting pertinent employee data, i.e. Customer satisfaction, cycle time, quality inspections, budgets, etc. \u2022 Meet with Construction Managers, Project Managers and Customer Care to discuss pertinent issues and maintain open communication. \u2022 Establish and maintain a career path system for Construction to promote growth opportunities. \u2022 Make determinations and set criteria on financial incentives to be given to construction personnel. \u2022 Handle personnel terminations, (after reviewing information with management).
Plans and Designs \u2022 Continually review and value engineer plans; make recommendations for improvements/changes. \u2022 Work with all departments, as necessary, to produce plans and specifications within established time frames. \u2022 Review and ensure the accuracy, completeness of all plans. Standardize all plans to the highest extent possible.
Start Process \u2022 Monitor construction activity to ensure homes are started within the established parameters for both pre-sold and showcase homes. \u2022 Track and monitor Accounting Release process and performance. \u2022 Monitor the Start Status Report and recommend priorities. \u2022 Release homes per established slotting schedule to ensure proper sequencing of starts and closings.
Scheduling \u2022 Monitor the construction personnel's use of the weekly schedule to maximize utilization across the Area/Division. \u2022 Continually evaluate the effectiveness of the schedule and make recommendations for improvements. \u2022 Maintain a master schedule and weekly production report for key phases of construction to ensure contractor availability and even flow construction. \u2022 Monitor cycle time to ensure division goals for building cycle time are met.
Construction and Warranty Costs \u2022 Establish General Construction and Weather Conditions budgets. \u2022 Monitor hard costs for adherence to budget. \u2022 Monitor budgets for variances and approve/disapprove all cost variances. \u2022 Provide input on the creation of all budgets. \u2022 Ensure Construction personnel document and properly communicate variance data in order to identify take-off and budget problems. \u2022 Summarize and chart variance data provided by Construction personnel; provide feedback to management regarding ways to eliminate or minimize problems. \u2022 Ensure job site waste is properly controlled. \u2022 Communicate Key Performance Measures and cost information and the role the Construction Managers have in impacting these factors. \u2022 Continually develop and solicit feedback to determine ways to execute all functions more efficiently to improve overall margins of the Division. \u2022 Capture Warranty costs by item to identify areas for improvement.
Quality Assurance \u2022 Establish and enforce quality standards for materials, workmanship and final product. \u2022 Conduct periodic inspections of all homes under construction in assigned area; inspect all aspects of construction including foundation, framing, stucco installations, electrical, plumbing, etc. \u2022 Review quarterly JD Powers surveys for actionable items and trends; initiate procedures to resolve issues to improve customer satisfaction. \u2022 Monitor adherence to all phases of the established quality control system; i.e. in-line inspections, final management quality standards inspection. \u2022 Ensure quality is built into each home in order to minimize warranty issues. \u2022 Work with the Purchasing Department to establish quality standards for materials. \u2022 Assist in the resolution of any construction quality issues, which become apparent during the construction and warranty period. \u2022 Ensure procedures for water intrusion and mold remediation are adhered to.
Community Management \u2022 Ensure Construction Managers maintain the established standards for the community regarding cleanliness, safety and appearance, i.e. accessibility to homes, erosion control, street cleaning, etc. \u2022 Ensure all trade partners and employees fully comply with OSHA Regulations and Meritage safety program. \u2022 Ensure Construction Managers enforce all job site rules and regulations as stated in contractor agreements. \u2022 Ensure field compliance with the community SWPPP \u2022 Ensure show homes are completed and turned over to sales within established cycle time and are maintained in accordance with division standards.
Trade Partner Management \u2022 Ensure all construction personnel maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between trade partners and the division. \u2022 Ensure a complete Scope of Work is provided to and reviewed with each trade partner. \u2022 Ensure new trade partners receive proper training in all division policies and procedures. \u2022 Provide support to Construction personnel regarding the resolution of trade partner conflicts; make final decisions regarding resolution of issues, when necessary. \u2022 Solicit feedback from contractors on areas for improvement and ways to strengthen the division/contractor relationship. \u2022 Ensure all trade partners are under contract and are current with all insurance requirements. \u2022 Establish a system to measure trade partners' performance with regards to quality workmanship, on cycle completion and other standards set for new home construction.
Customer Satisfaction \u2022 Ensure Construction Managers promptly and courteously respond to all customer questions and concerns. \u2022 Resolve any homeowner issues during the construction and warranty process, which cannot be effectively handled by the Construction Manager. \u2022 Review homeowner survey results with respect to the construction process; implement changes or improvements where necessary. \u2022 Ensure all homeowner contact points, i.e., pre-construction meetings, pre-drywall meetings, homeowner orientations, are conducted according to established procedures. \u2022 Communicate to Construction personnel the customer satisfaction process and the role they play in that process. \u2022 Ensure all elements of the Homeowner's Manual are being properly communicated to homeowners; ensure accurate expectations are set with the homeowner for new home maintenance versus warranty items. \u2022 Work with the Area Customer Care Manager to analyze data regarding recurring warranty problems; implement changes to minimize or eliminate concerns.
Construction Management Planning \u2022 Plan for ways to anticipate and deal with problems or recurring issues in an ongoing effort to minimize crisis management. \u2022 Use a Manning or Staffing plan to determine Construction personnel capacities, location of field staff, and future hiring needs based on projected sales and growth levels.
Secondary/ Miscellaneous Responsibilities \u2022 Serve as a resource for information regarding all technical issues, questions or problems. \u2022 Assist in managing Home Owner Associations. \u2022 Stay current on all codes and code changes; communicate information to Construction personnel, as necessary. \u2022 Post all divisional results publicly; cycle time; customer satisfaction, quality standard inspections; job cost variances, warranty status \u2022 Ensure house files are maintained for each assigned home under construction, and closed files are transferred to the division for proper storage. \u2022 Determine who your replacement is. Train and mentor this person so they are available when required in your division or another division in Meritage Homes. \u2022 Other duties and projects, as assigned.
Education: High School Diploma or equivalent. Degree in Construction Management, preferred
Experience: January, 2008 Page 4 of 8 \u2022 Five (5) years experience in homebuilding. A portion of the experience qualifications my be substituted by a degree in Construction Management \u2022 Two (2) years of experience managing Construction personnel on multiple job sites
Knowledge/Technical Skills: \u2022 Advanced training in one or more trades, strongly preferred \u2022 Knowledge of homebuilding and construction systems/processes, building codes, and Register of Contractor Standards (ROC) \u2022 Ability to read and interpret blueprints and other construction plans \u2022 Good computer skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office applications
Interpersonal/Communication Skills: \u2022 Strong Communication, Interpersonal, and Customer Service skills \u2022 Ability to explain complex issues in a manner easily understood by industry personnel and customers with limited knowledge of construction processes or terminology \u2022 Ability to work with contractors, laborers, employees at all levels, and customers with a high degree of professionalism \u2022 Excellent problem/conflict resolution skills; ability to influence others and manage conflict in a positive manner \u2022 Strong leadership skills; ability to set priorities, delegate tasks, train and mentor Construction Managers
Judgment: \u2022 Sound judgment with the ability to make good decisions under time pressures \u2022 Accurate; with keen attention to detail while staying clearly focused on the big picture \u2022 Self directed; takes initiative, proactively addresses problems; can work with minimal oversight
Mental Abilities: \u2022 Analytical; with the ability to give, receive, analyze information, interpret complex issues to determine the root cause, and determine solutions to produce the desired outcome; \u2022 Highly organized and flexible; with the ability to prioritize numerous details, define schedules, and meet deadlines, with frequently changing circumstances, in a high-volume fast-paced work environment \u2022 Must be able to deal effectively with outside influences which bring frustration in making everyday business decisions.
UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS: Travel: \u2022 Position normally does not require travel out of region, but could travel for meetings or training \u2022 Frequent local travel between project sites and the Division office \u2022 Work requires the ability to operate an automobile, a valid state Drivers License, a personal vehicle, and liability Insurance coverage to meet the standard set by Meritage Homes
PHYSICAL- ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS: Work Schedule: \u2022 What are generally considered to be normal hours in the homebuilding industry; may include some evening and weekend hours Work Environment \u2022 Work is supervisory in nature and is generally conducted on-site in new communities, away from the Division office \u2022 Work is performed in all weather conditions; with occasional extended exposure \u2022 Work includes frequent exposure to dust, dirt, insects, hazardous chemicals and other particulates Physical Requirements \u2022 Work requires frequent walking on a variety of surfaces including inclines, stairs, and rough terrain January, 2008 Page 5 of 8 Check the frequency for each job requirement. The definitions provided are for the approximate occurrence of the particular activity.

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Meritage Homes Corporation


Area Construction Manager Meritage Homes Corporation - Atlanta, GA, United States


Location: Atlanta, GA

Company Profile:
Some might say it's important to tell you that we've been around since 1985. Or that we've won a slew of awards ranging from Forbes' Platinum 400 Best Big Companies of America to being the recipient of Texas' Builder of the Year five times, or being named ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. But we're about practicality and doing things that actually make a difference in your life and the way you live.