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Join Small Companies Like Radio Flyer with Granted’s Help

Pasadena, CA – Small companies offer just as many if not more benefits than working for big companies. A lot of attention gets paid to companies like Google and Amazon that offer their employees great benefit packages, but have you ever considered working for smaller companies like Radio Flyer or Limeade? Many of the best small companies offer the same perks like doggy daycare, daily catered lunches, and flexible work hours, so use to find jobs with these companies.

Business Insider listed Radio Flyer, the maker of the little red wagons, as the No. 1 best small company to work for this year. The company has been around for 97 years, keeping their employees happy with perks like flexible schedules, fitness classes, generous profit sharing, employee discounts, and extensive maternity leave. Every employee reported feeling a sense of pride in what the company does, with one stating, “Every day feels more like an adventure than work. I truly come in each day excited to see what is in store and how we are going to improve ourselves now.”

Granted has 15 new jobs listed at Radio Flyer. The company is based in Chicago, so all the listings are based in that city. The listings are for VP of Sales, Staff Accountant, Quality Assurance Co-op, Mechanical Engineering/Advanced Concepts Co-op, Mechanical Engineering Co-op, Industrial Design Co-op, National Sales Manager, International Sales Manager, Internships, and more.

The company offers internships in areas such as sales and design research. Some of the specific responsibilities include researching new product categories to identify potential areas for business growth, preparing summary research presentations, and conducting in-depth usability research.

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