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New Year, New You with Help from

Pasadena, CA – Let help you as you tackle this year to build a better future for yourself that you actually want. In an article recently written by Harrison Barnes, he explains how our beliefs control our reaction and interaction with the world. In order to reach our full potential, we have to first believe we can. Granted provides endless advice on a variety of career related topics to help you build upon the belief you have in yourself to help you be successful.

The primary topics covered are career advice, careers, employment, job search, jobs, human resources, employment updates, and advertisements. Within each topic, you can find advice for whatever the source of the problem is that is holding you back.

Perhaps you don’t know how to improve your resume since you have had the same job that you don’t enjoy for years. Articles on Granted explain how to add accomplishments to your resume, words to remove, sections to include, how to address layoffs on your resume, and many more tips. You can also learn the best ways to update a cover letter.

Whatever your career needs are, Granted can help you learn how to make your career a success. This year is
the year to take control and make it a real celebration come 2017.

About Granted: is a premier job search site with the largest jobseeker database in the United States. It is an affiliate of the Employment Research Institute, the largest group of career related companies worldwide. Heading the operations of the website is Harrison Barnes, CEO of It has the most comprehensive database of job seekers and employers across all industries. The site is aimed at connecting professional job seekers to the right organizations in order to boost their careers. For more details, visit: