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The New Year Brings the Hottest New Jobs with

Pasadena, CA –The New Year is almost upon us. With it come new opportunities to make the year a success and can help you get started. While the majority of the jobs may fall in the health care and technology sectors, there are still plenty of available jobs in the sales, transportation, and marketing sectors.

As more and more companies turn to the internet (not just to list their company information), they are relying on it to promote growth and interact with potential and current clients. Web developers are highly desired with more job listings than actual hires taking place. has over 236,000 web development listings in just about every category.

The next hottest job for 2016 is not as exciting for some, but provides a good solid income and job stability. Accountants and auditors can expect to make over $30 an hour running numbers and keeping company finances in check. There are over 90,000 open listings for accountants and over 93,000 listings for auditor positions on for you to select from.

When it comes to the health care industry, the need for Registered Nurses has been high for the last few years and is not expected to decline any time soon, as the baby boomer generation approaches the age of increased need for medical attention. There are several options for registered nurses to pursue once they receive their education. On, there are nearly 120,000 listings, but they range from Health & Wellness Director to Research to the typical shift work. The job is difficult, but one rated by those in the profession as one of the most rewarding jobs.

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