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Beat Winter Weather, Move to Hawaii

Pasadena, CA – Winter weather is just starting to kick in. Have you finally had enough and want to have an adventure somewhere else where it is warm? There are plenty of places that are warm year round, but who can turn down the wonders of Hawaii? Plus, Hawaii boasts low temps around 50 degrees so you don’t need to worry about winter coats any longer. Turn to to help you find open listings in Honolulu, Hawaii and cities on other nearby Hawaiian Islands.

There are currently nearly 5,000 open listings on Granted in Hawaii for you to browse through and find something that fits your qualifications and experience. Honolulu has a lot to offer people looking to live on the island. Medical companies and educational institutions such as the University of Hawaii are the biggest employers on the island.

The top industries in Honolulu are retail with over 600 open postings, hospitality with over 300 postings, nursing with 313 postings, IT with 272 postings, and administration with 245 postings.  One thing to keep in mind with Hawaii is that the cost of living is high. For some, that cost can’t deter them from the dream of living near a beach. There are always ways to be creative with money.

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