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Holiday Season Brings Job Opportunities

Pasadena, CA – With the holiday season now in full force, some companies are struggling to meet demands. What does this mean for you? If you don’t mind working holidays and long, hard hours then you can take advantage of this demand to find a job, second job or even third job to bring in as much money as possible. can help you find open listings in your area, and if you live in a metropolitan area and don’t mind commuting a little for a job, then Granted can help you by searching a specific companies listings. The companies in highest demand for more employees are Amazon, UPS, Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s. These companies have been hiring employees by the tens of thousands, so your odds are pretty good.
While these positions are temporary seasonal work, they can sometimes lead to other opportunities, especially if you are a hard worker and overall excellent employee. The experience gained may just be something to add to your resume for next year, whereas others can use this experience to find another job after the holiday season is over. Once you have the experience, you can use it to search again on Granted to find another job that matches those requirements.
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