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Accounting Jobs Are Plentiful

Pasadena, CA – Graduating with a degree in business, economics, mathematics, accounting, or other similar fields leaves you with several options. For those looking to capitalize on a growing demand, an estimated 16 percent growth over the next five years, jobs in accounting are the place to look on

Tax accountants are the title that everyone thinks of when they hear accountant. The job may not be the most exciting, but the pay is good for the hours put in, especially if you decide to only work during the busy times of the year. Granted has nearly 100,000 postings for you to look through based on your location or desired company.

Forensic accountants work with law enforcement, businesses, and individuals in complex or criminal financial matters to evaluate financial records. The average pay is higher than tax accountants at $72,000, but there are also fewer jobs. Granted has around 700 open postings.

An auditor is responsible for examining organizations funds for signs of mismanagement. You will have to have an eye for puzzles and be able to see when things don’t match up or feel off. Ethics also play a big part of staying on the right path and letting money or loyalty to friends get in the way. There are over 100,000 listings on Granted right now for you to look through.

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