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What to Do with Your Art Degree

Pasadena, CA – Art is fun, there is no denying that. However, choosing to major in art usually raises eyebrows and leads many to question future job prospects. Prove them wrong by exploring all the many art job options found on

Here are some of the most common routes you can take with an art or design and performance major. One set of jobs is found in museums and galleries: art direction, administration, curatorial, conservation, restoration, registrar, collections management, exhibit design/preparation, archive management, education, tour, sales, publications, development, public relations, and historian. To go the fine arts and crafts route expect options like video, performance, film, illustration, painting, sculpture, fiber, multi-media, textiles, and more. There is also commercial art, education, art therapy, media, photography, art sales, fashion, textile, and interior design. That is a lot of options to fit whatever your personality and skills are.

Where can you expect to find a job? Art museums, historical societies, natural history museums, living history museums, galleries, community centers, auction houses, retailers, garment suppliers, newspapers, magazines, websites, photo agencies, large corporations, venues, libraries, book publishers, nonprofit organizations, rehabilitation centers, shelters, schools, governmental agencies, greeting card companies, manufacturing firms, and the entertainment industry. Explore Granted to find the right position for you.

An art degree does not mean you options will be limited in any way. With hard work and the right determination, you can enjoy a career that makes you happy and gives you long-term career satisfaction instead of one that pays the big bucks right away but might make you miserable for the rest of your career.

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