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Work from Home – or Anywhere Else

Pasadena, CA – Being able to work from home can be a glorious thing. There is flexibility and freedom to complete your work as you would like – even in your pajamas. More companies are looking for specific positions for those that work from home for many reasons. Explore’s Work At Home listings to find that specific position that works for you.

While most of the positions deal with data entry, clerical, or some kind of customer service, there are other options if you are willing to look. Teaching online from home is a new field that is becoming popular with more online schools in the United States as well as other people from other countries desiring to be taught English online. With teaching also comes tutoring and instructor positions.

Tutoring positions would make for great second jobs to fill time or earn a little extra cash. The positions can be as simple as an Online Powerpoint Tutor. Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions has the largest amount of positions available right now. They are looking for a range of positions from legal to nursing to basic education. Do some research to find the right specialty for you to teach. Skills in foreign languages, science, and math are always the most sought after in higher education levels, but you can find anything if you put in the effort.

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