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Blue Collar Work and Retail Jobs in Excess for Oklahoma City, OK

Pasadena, CA - Manual labor may not seem like a glamorous job, but there are plenty of people that prefer getting their hands dirty over sitting in an office all day. Oklahoma City in Oklahoma has almost 2,000 open listings for jobs in blue collar and nearly 1,300 in retail.

The top 25 cities in 2015 for job opportunities report done by Glassdoor ranked Oklahoma City, OK as the number three city. There are over 10,000 available listings in the city that you can browse through and even narrow down to fit your industry. Oklahoma University has a Medical Center that offers 200 jobs in a variety of fields. Medical Centers are typically secure places to work at with the growing medical industry keeping them growing and adding more positions to keep up with demand. allows you to search by function, industry, location, or job type so that you can find the best results for your needs. Granted allows you to browse jobs without a fee or lengthy registration. Granted also provides resources and tips to help you apply and interview for any open positions. Use Granted today to find the job that is right for you and get started working at a job you enjoy going to every day.

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