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April 11,2017

Most Unprofessional Law Firm Ever - Horrible Place To Work

What's Good

Free daily coffee, and free donuts and bagels on Fridays.

What's Not so Good

Unprofessional attorneys who would rather concentrate on their own personal work (e.g., buying a house or their own lawsuit) and continuously dodge client calls. Inadequate new employee job training; blatant employee favoritism. The new employee training one receives is not conducive for any chance of success, unless you think knowing the time your boss goes to lunch and where he keeps his files is sufficient training.

The Bottom Line

It's amazing how an employee can receive very positive feedback from their boss, yet management valued the opinion of a staff member over that of the attorney and terminated the employee without any prior notice or warning. News bulletin management, the sign of a good manager is one that wants their employee to succeed and will take the time to discuss the issue with the employee, thus giving that employee an opportunity to improve. Management, did you ever think of asking your employee(s) if they have any concerns they would like to address that could improve their overall working environment? If so, you would have discovered that your IT Dept. did not know (or was too lazy) to convert WordPerfect documents to Word, leaving the secretary to thereby waste precious time doing so; sharing a single printer with ten people severely limits productivity; having an "office" in the kitchen and trying to concentrate while people are microwaving smelly fish is disruptive and completely unacceptable; and having an assistant with previous H&S experience but cannot remember his job duties does no one any good (and I gave up and just did his share of the work too).

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