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A full service IP law firm, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, that uses a unique patent process designed for close collaboration with in-house counsel and inventors to develop a high quality patent portfolio aligned with client strategy.

From the start to the end of the patent application process, we focus on the patent claim - the key to delivering unprecedented power.
Precision IP is uniquely designed to incorporate client input on the claims prior to drafting of the patent application.

It would be illogical for a builder to build a complete building and then ask an inspector to check if the foundation is correct. Not only would this be ineffective, it would be impossible to fix the foundation without tearing down the building and re-building it.

While this concept seems intuitive, traditional law firm models involve drafting a complete patent application (i.e., the building) without first ensuring that the claims (i.e., the foundation) match client strategy. By providing a completed patent application months after the invention disclosure meeting, traditional law firm models provide in-house counsel little opportunity to ensure that the patent application is aligned with client strategy. Furthermore, in-house review of the claims and the patent application months after an invention disclosure meeting force in-house counsel to re-learn the focus of the invention. Finally, any corrections to the claims/focus of the patent application by in-house counsel are incorporated into the Specification by outside counsel via poor

Area of practice

Invoke practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Pre Litigation Consultation
  • Invention Mining Sessions
  • Patent Filing & Prosecution
  • Trademark Filing & Prosecution
  • Copyright Registration
  • Web Domain Recovery
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Invoke Headquarters

84 W. Santa Clara St. ,
Suite 680
San Jose, CA

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