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The Manibog Law PC story begins over 100 years ago, with the courage of a young college student who dared to dream of pursuing a career in the law in a faraway land. In 1911, Gonzalo Manibog was a university student in the northern Philippine town of Laoag, struggling like many of his classmates to manage school and work. It was a time of uncertainty but also of opportunity in the Philippines, as the Spanish-American War had recently ended with the victorious Americans taking over control of the Philippines from the Spanish. Looking to strengthen cultural ties with its new protectorate, the United States extended invitations for Philippine students to attend university in the United States.
Gonzalo Manibog was one of the few adventurous students who accepted that invitation, and that same year, 1911, he traveled from the northern Philippine town of Laoag, half way around the world, to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the University of Indianapolis. Six year later, in 1917, he received his law degree from the university, becoming the first Filipino to receive a law degree in the United States. Gonzalo moved to Hilo, Hawaii, where he opened his law practice, representing neighbors, friends and local families.
Gonzalo and his wife raised their family Hawaii, instilling in their children the same principles of service, commitment, integrity and perseverance which had guided Gonzalo on his long journey from a Philippine province to a successful career as an American attorney. One of his sons, Monty Manibog, followed in Gonzalo’s footsteps, graduating from Loyola Law School in 1961. Monty continued his father’s tradition of representing individuals and families in personal injury lawsuits and has enjoyed a distinguished 50+ year career in the law.
That legacy is sustained and honored at Manibog Law PC, which is led by Darren A. Manibog (Monty’s son and Gonzalo’s grandson) who graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 1996. As a third-generation lawyer, Darren witnessed from an early age the impact that the law can have on people’s lives, and developed an abiding passion to carry on his grandfather’s and father’s commitment to helping others as attorneys and legal advocates.
At its core, Manibog Law PC is not just another law firm – it is a family business and an integrity-based law practice that places a premium on top-quality representation and client relationships. Manibog Law PC views all of its clients, past and current as part of the Manibog Law PC family and valuable additions to its cherished legacy.
Manibog Law PC handles all areas of personal injury and civil law, including Major Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death, Slip and Falls, Medical Malpractice and general negligence cases. The firm also prosecutes business torts and fraud actions and represents consumers in bankruptcy proceedings. Our affiliate attorneys also handle family/divorce; criminal defense; employment/wrongful termination; probate and estate planning; and many other areas of law.

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Year of establishment 1917 Number of Partners 0
Number of offices 0 Partner:associate ratio 0.00
Biggest office South Pasadena Percentage of women attorneys 0.00
Number of attorneys 2 Percentage of minority attorneys 0.00
Number of associates 0 Percentage of LGBT attorneys 0.00
Area of practice

Manibog Law PC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Auto Accident
  • Personal Injury
  • Slip And Fall Accident
  • Brain Injury
  • Professional Litigation
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Wrongful Death
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625 Fair Oaks Avenue ,
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South Pasadena, California

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