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About Suiter Swantz PC

Suiter • Swantz pc llo is an Intellectual Property Law Firm providing superior worldwide protection for your intellectual property. For more than two decades, we have represented our clients in all areas of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. To date, we have obtained over 1,000 U.S. patents and more than 700 registered trademarks on behalf of our clients. These clients comprise a diverse range of businesses from multi-billion dollar corporations to start-up businesses and individual inventors.

Area of practice

Suiter Swantz PC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Related Matters
  • Representative Technologies
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Suiter Swantz PC Headquarters

14301 FNB Parkway ,
Suite 220
Omaha, NE

402-496-0300 phone
402-496-0333 fax
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