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Sundance Mountain Resort is a year-round mountain community on 6000 pristine acres featuring 95 cottages, 15,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, 2 nationally recognized restaurants, bar, deli, extensive mountain recreation, general store, spa, and art studio. Developed by Robert Redford in 1969 to foster an alliance between art and recreation while maintaining the integrity of the land. Sundance Programming celebrates independent voice in music, film, literature, and fine arts.

Years of experimentation and refinement have ultimately resulted in what we now call Sundance. The Sundance Institute, the spectacular skiing, the stunning natural scenery, and the tasteful excellence of the accommodations combine to make Sundance dynamically unique. Sundance’s ability to blend process and place that puts it in uncharted waters on a steady course of its own.

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Sundance Resort Headquarters

8841 N. Alpine Loop Road
Sundown, UT

866-259-7468 phone
801-226-1937 fax
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Sundance Resort


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