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About Rott, Ruzicka & Guttmann

The office provides a comprehensive service for all our clients’ needs relating to inventions, utility models and industrial designs, both at home and worldwide.

We carry out domestic and foreign searches for novelty of technical solutions, for non-infringement of patents in force, for state of the art and names, all including final evaluations. For foreign searches, we work with our international partner offices.

Our searches examine the following sources:

a) the Patent Literature Library of the IPO, which holds domestic patents, utility models, industrial designs, published patent applications, as well as patents and published applications from selected states and under certain patent organizations (including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, USA, Poland, Russia, the European Patent Office and the Patent Cooperation Treaty);

b) the Official Journals of the IPO including their CD-ROM publications;

c) the Registration Databases of the IPO;

d) Databases accessible via the Internet, namely ESPACENET, DELPHION and individual patent offices’ electronic databases ; and

e) Technical literature.

Area of practice

Rott, Ruzicka & Guttmann practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Patents
  • Trade Marks
  • Product Pira
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Rott, Ruzicka & Guttmann Headquarters

Vinohradska 938/37,
Prague, Capital City of Prague

420-233-370-084 phone
420-233-382-263 fax
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