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From a geographic standpoint, Peru is superbly located to make the best of growing development and prosperity opportunities created globally by the gradual integration of Asia Pacific Rim economies, and the wish of NAFTA and MERCOSUR countries to lead the establishing of a platform of a free trade platform for the Americas.

To the above we must add Peru’s large natural resource base, the nation’s over 95 different microclimates and its rich historical legacy. It also has vast energy reserves that eliminate the risk of depending on traditional fossil fuels subject to price volatility.

However, these factors have only been tapped after over fifteen years of sound and consistent macroeconomic policies that, combined with growing fiscal discipline, allowed to accumulate significant foreign currency reserves, expand Gross Domestic Product and reduce poverty.

To the effect of institutional continuity we must add a favourable world environment that, without a doubt, has translated into the exceptional performance of Peru’s economy that has grown uninterruptedly during the last six years. Preliminary data published regularly by the Vice Ministry for Economy estimates GDP growth in the three years from 2005 to 2007 reached 6.74%, 7.56% and 8.99%, respectively, while inflation remained under control, at 1.60%, 2.00% and 1.78% those same years.

This fact has been recognized by other countries that, as the United States, have signed free trade agreements with Peru and by international rating agencies that granted Peru investment grade. Peru is now not just a convenient destination for new investments but a platform for doing business with the World.

Area of practice

Carrizales & Vidal practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Regulating Public Services And Infrastructure
  • Conflict Resolution
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