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Al-Kilani & Gheblawi Law Firm

About Al-Kilani & Gheblawi Law Firm

The firm has drawn together the diversity of professional and legal expertise to deliver a ‘one-step’ legal and consultancy service to its clients. Al- Kilani & Ghebawi- Law Firm prides itself on being trend setters in meeting worldwide demands over recent years in a manner that has enabled companies, all economic sectors and governments to effect significant improvements in their running efficiency and quality of produce. The firm’s main area of specialty, however, is the conduct of legal studies, analysis and comparisons of current and new legislations and their applications. Al-Kilani & Ghebawi- Law Firm, moreover, provides an important strategic gate-way to doing business in Libya for companies from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Europe; where there is significant growth potential in many trades, industries, services and investments as well as ensuring the independence of action necessary to protect and promote the client's interest. The principal team members at Al-Kilani & Ghebawi-Law Firm each have enormous strengths in the various disciplines in which the firm specializes and as such are able to offer clients a wealth of experience and advice. As a team these strength combine to form a formidable force that culminates in world-class legal and consultancy, which skillfully combine both cutting edge performances with a high degree of Success in their activities. In addition to the main-line services, Al-Kilani & Ghebawi Law- Firm has a wide network of associates and affiliates in all parts of the world, including accounting, legal, business promotion and other professional services at its disposal. Although primarily Attorneys at Law and consultants, Al-Kilani & Ghebawi - Law Firm has the ability and resources to assist successful enterprises or entrepreneurs in their endeavors to do business in Libya, in suitable cases.

Area of practice

Al-Kilani & Gheblawi Law Firm practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • OIL & GAS
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Al-Kilani & Gheblawi Law Firm Headquarters

08 Algeria Square ,
PO Box 8105
Tripoli, Arcadia

218-21-3332-143 phone
218-21-4447919 fax
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