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Leon Kucherovsky, ESQ

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As a medical provider, your choice of the right attorney to collect on your unpaid bills is absolutely critical and will directly impact your practice.

We are an established and respected law firm within the No-Fault legal community, and have some of the most skillful and aggressive litigators and trial lawyers on our staff. Our firm focuses on No-Fault collection as our exclusive practice. Unlike many other law firms, where no fault is a secondary practice, our entire staff and resources are dedicated to collecting your unpaid claims. We focus on collecting No-Fault revenues for hundreds of practices.

Just as when a patient comes to your office and entrusts you with their welfare, your decision of which attorney to turn over your receivables, the “lifeblood” of your practice is crucial. No-Fault Law in New York is extremely fast paced and ever changing. Our attorneys are well versed in all the newest developments as well as, phases and intricacies of the litigation process, from inception through trial. We understand the legal hurdles a healthcare practice must go through in order to get paid for services they earned from an insurance company. Some of our attorneys even began their careers as defense counsel for insurance companies. This familiarity with knowing how “the other side” defends claims is an invaluable tool in the litigation process. When you send us your unpaid claims to collect, we will strive to gain your trust with our results.

Our policy is to push cases to resolution in a matter of weeks and/or months and not years! Every single denied bill is placed in suit within several days of receipt. Our sophisticated software ensures that a precise legal schedule is followed to advance each case through to the quickest and most equitable disposition possible. One of the most unique and valuable features of our software is the ability to allow our clients to log in and view the progress of their cases from their own office.

Our office can review and evaluate practices and billing procedures to help identify any errors in process that may be occurring. Throughout our years of practice, our experienced staff is trained and aware of issues that may harm your collections. Medical facilities and especially billing practices and procedures are one of the most heavily scrutinized areas. It is important that your office has experience and knowledge behind it.

Although Our firm maintains a large medical collection practice, our expertise does not cease there. Our firm also engages in other practices, such as real estate, divorce, personal injury, wills and estates, workers compensation, social security disability and landlord tenant.

Our knowledgeable legal staff offers experienced and reliable personalized service that you can count on.

Whatever your legal needs, we can provide it to you at prices you can afford.

Area of practice

Leon Kucherovsky, ESQ practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • No Fault Collections
  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Landlord Tenant
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Health Care Law
  • Acap
  • Debt Collection Litigation
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Leon Kucherovsky, ESQ Headquarters

115 S Corona Ave
Valley Stream, New York

516-881-7755 phone
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