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The attorneys and staff at Bado & Bado believe that women who make adoption plans for their children may be the most heroic people in our society. Few individuals place the needs of others so far above their own. A birth mother makes the ultimate sacrifice because she loves her baby. As adoption attorneys with more than 27 years’ experience, we are always amazed at the courage and determination birth mothers display. We seek to find adoptive parents who will also recognize and value the birth mother's commitment to provide the best life possible for her child.

Area of practice

Bado & Bado practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Personal Selection Of Adoptive Family: The Birth Mother Reviews Pictorial And Informational Portfolios Sent To Us By Prospective Adoptive Parents The Birth Mother Decides Which Family She Wants To Meet And Work With In The Adoption Process
  • Closed Or Open Adoption: The Birth Mother Decides On Either A Closed Or Open Adoption With All Adoptions
  • Photos And Letters May Be Exchanged On A Confidential Basis Between The Adopting Parents And The Birth Mother Through Our Office
  • Confidentiality Is Ensured Throughout The Process To Protect The Birth Mother And Adoptive Parents' Privacy
  • Adoptions May Occur In State Or Out Of State Bado & Bado Handles Both
  • Bado & Bado Works With An Experienced Adoption Counselor To Counsel The Birth Mother Throughout The Pregnancy And Adoption Process The Caseworker Is An Adopted Child Herself
  • Financial Aid Is Available To Help The Birth Mother With Court Approved Medical And Educational Costs
  • As Well As Living Expenses
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