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FreshPoint is North America’s largest exclusively owned produce distributor. We have the line authority to hold our companies accountable to a high level of customer service. With unmatched fresh produce, knowledge and experience, FreshPoint provides today’s chefs with the ingredients to create tomorrow’s culinary success.

about-us-team-1Over the last few decades, we have seen revolutionary changes in the produce industry—from refrigerated trucks and fresh-cut produce to submitting and processing orders online. With these innovations, our passion for produce and commitment to helping our customers succeed remains unchanged.

FreshPoint is more than just fresh produce, it is a community dedicated to our customers. With our passion and enthusiasm, FreshPoint will continue to lead the industry as the prominent distributor of fruits and vegetables in North America.

FreshPoint’s ability to customize a marketing program and promote your operation and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables helps your business succeed during these dynamic market transformations. As the produce experts, our goal is to assist you by providing the necessary tools that we’ve developed over the years and through the collective experience and knowledge of our many companies.

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FreshPoint, Inc. Headquarters

1390 Enclave Parkway
Houston, TX

281-584-1390 phone
281-584-1188 fax
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