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Rand McNally is transforming personal and business travel with its revolutionary connected vehicle technology. Leveraging its fast-growing telematics and fleet management expertise, along with its award-winning commercial navigation, Rand McNally has defined a new category with the OverDryve™ Connected Car/Connected Truck platform. Rand McNally’s mission is to deliver innovative products and services that enrich life’s journey in four key segments: Consumer Electronics, Consumer Travel, Commercial Transportation, and Education. The company’s mission is carried out by a group of dedicated, energetic employees who don’t let “it can’t be done” get in their way. This can-do spirit drives Rand McNally’s leading R&D capabilities and first-to-market position with a number of products.

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Rand McNally & Company Headquarters

8255 North Central Park Avenue ,

Skokie, IL

847-329-6258 phone
847-673-0534 fax
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