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Joseph F. Gmuca, LLC

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The Phoenix Metro Area is a dangerous place to live and work. This fact is obvious. The most dramatic evidence is to be found on the streets and freeways of Maricopa County. Drivers consistently break the speed limit, run red lights, cut off other cars, drive while drunk or high on drugs and often try to run pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists off the road. And when this happens, people are hurt – oftentimes seriously or even killed. Lives can be destroyed or made chaotic. Large medical bills are incurred, paychecks suddenly stop coming, people are disabled and the body is broken or scarred. Every month, every year careless strangers fill the lives of others with physical pain and economic ruin.

Area of practice

Joseph F. Gmuca, LLC practices law in the following areas and works with its clients to provide the best possible legal solutions.

  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance Coverage
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Joseph F. Gmuca, LLC Headquarters

2198 E Camelback Rd Ste 310
Phoenix, AZ

602-254-7740 phone
602-277-9789 fax
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