Rehearse For an Upcoming Interview

It is well said that practice makes man perfect. Have you practiced for your next interview? We all do a lot of preparations before the interview right from preparing an outstanding resume to compiling all our references, networking etc. Many candidates assume they are well prepared for interviews. However, they do not succeed.

The reason for this failure is nothing else but poor planning and lack of practice. Therefore, it is imperative that you rehearse or practice for your next job interview. Listed below are some ways on how to practice before your interview and some essential interview tips to grab your dream job.

Mock Interview Sessions: The best way to practice is by actually conducting a mock interview. An interviewer can be any one of your family, friends or relatives. The interviewer needs to ask all relevant and important interview questions and stay in the character from start to end. You can set up the space appropriately with a desk and a table to create a suitable setting.

Research before your interview: It is always better to do some homework and know about the company, their business and the industry in advance. You can make notes and keep revising it till the day of your interview. Ensure that the information you have is correct and relevant.

Watch Interviews Online: You can watch several interviews online and on television to get a gist of all the must do's and don'ts in your interview. Incorporate all that you have learnt in the mock as well as during your actual interview.

One liners work wonders: Keep some phrases and one liners handy. Use these phrases appropriately if and when the situation demands. However, if you are not sure if the phrase you know will help, avoid using it.

Express your ideas, views and thoughts: Organizations look for candidates who are innovative and creative. During your interview you can share some innovative ideas or views to impress the interviewer. You can choose to symbolize your capabilities. You can also speak about an interest or talent that doesn't reflect in your resume.

Be ready with answers: Do some research online to find out the most commonly asked questions and you will get a list of all the frequently asked questions. Prepare your answers for such questions well in advance so that you are prompt and quick during your interview.

Record your mock or trial interviews: Ask someone to record your trial interviews to study your body language and to make a note of all the errors that you are making during the rehearsals. Ensure that you improve and don't repeat suck mistakes in your interview.

Listen and Relax: Listen to the recorded videos to know where you went wrong and your areas of improvement. Analyze your answers and prepare yourself better by working on every minute detail that you must have missed on. Keep calm and be relaxed on the day of your interview.

These simple and essential interview tips will help you prepare well for the big day and nail that job opportunity.

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