7 Essential Interview Tips for Freelancers

Freelancers are professionals who work for themselves. You can choose to work as a freelancer in different industries such as a freelance journalist, writer, editor, blogger, web designer and more. Working as a freelancer may be rewarding and have numerous benefits. However, it can be challenging to pass interviews with clients and companies and get contracts for assignments. Listed below are seven essential interview tips for freelancers that can help you get shortlisted to complete projects for various organizations.

1. Research Information about the Employer or Company

It is always advisable to do your homework before you appear for any interview. Therefore, it is imperative that you gather all the possible information about the client, company or the project that you will be working on. You can do all your research about the company online or ask the recruiter for some information about the client.

2. Be Prepared with Answers to Common Questions

Some questions in every interview are very common. For example, tell me something about yourself, asking about your strength and weakness, etc. Be ready with all your answers to such common interview questions.

3. Ask Questions about the Project

As a freelancer you are being interviewed to work on a specific project for the client. Therefore, ask all necessary and relevant questions about the project which you think can help you work effectively.

4. Create a Portfolio

Your client may want to know about your experience as a freelancer. The best and creative way to display your past experience is by creating a portfolio listing all your relevant past experience, including all the projects and assignments that you have worked on. You can also create a web link and share it with the client to view your portfolio online.

5. Share Innovative Ideas

This is one of the most important interview tips for freelancers. It is important for you to sell your skills, impress the interviewer and grab the new project. The best way to do this is by sharing creative and innovative ideas that will display your enthusiasm level and interest in the project.

6. Set the Right Expectations

As you are working for yourself, every interview is important. Ensure that you set the right expectations related to timelines, payment terms, quality and other important aspects related to the project.

7. Inform the Client How to Reach You

It is very important that your clients should know how and when they can reach you in case they have any questions or feedback they want to share. It is equally important to follow up with your clients at regular intervals to check on the latest updates about the project you are working on.

The way you appear for your interview can make or break the chances of you winning the freelance project. Therefore, it is important that you prepare well, follow these basic essential interview tips, and use the power of a smile and confidence to ace your interview.

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