Tips for Interviewing to Become a Kindergarten Teacher

A kindergarten teacher’s role seems easy. However, it is quite tough and difficult to withstand as a teacher. Here are some teaching interview tips that you can follow to ace your interview as a teacher at any school. Whether you have done your training or worked as a teacher in the past, just remember that some investigation and homework about the school is required before you go in for an interview at any school.

Go online and read through the school's website thoroughly. Learn about how many students are present per class. Factors like student teacher ratio and facilities provided are very important. Read about the field trips the school has taken the kids to, lesson plans every month, extra-curricular activities conducted and other major events in which the school participates. Once the comprehensive analysis is over and you have digested all the information you are almost prepared for your interview.

Dress formally and go in for the interview. This helps form a good impression. Be well prepared for a few basic teaching interview questions like how will you involve children in your lessons, what creative ideas you have to conduct daily activities, how will you display the work completed by children in classrooms and how will you stop and control children if they pick up fights. Give examples of how you can help children with developmental issues and what innovative ideas you can utilize to help them understand the concept really well. As a kindergarten teacher, it is very important for you to understand children's minds extremely well. So, assure the interviewer about the way you will respect each child as a unique individual and treat with each child with total love and affection.

If your fieldwork in the past is comprised of working with special children or being associated with any special event, then include that in your resume too. Participation in extra-curricular activities is also part of the job.

Just preparing a perfect resume will not get you your dream job. Be confident of your role. Carry your portfolio that includes all your creative work and other projects you have worked on. Ensure that you display your work uniquely and neatly. This is because what you do is the way you will be teaching. If they ask you to write down anything, make sure your handwriting is neat and tidy.

Offer the interviewer to let you give a demonstration of a lesson to one of the classes. This will show them the amazing confidence you carry. However, don't sound or feel over-confident. Show them the outline of lesson plans you had planned during your training or previous teaching days. Talk about exactly what you can do to make the lessons very engaging.

Entertain the children while you sharpen their skills and knowledge. Make the little ones feel that you love being around them and they are truly a source of joy for you.

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