How to Have a Horrible Interview (What NOT to Do During Your Job Interview)

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You have a big interview scheduled - this could be opportunity you've been waiting for. Here's what you should NOT do during your interview.

Wear the Wrong Clothes
Be sure that you're dressed appropriately with the business' dress code. Walking into a suit and tie company in a pair of khakis isn't going to cut it.

Show up Late!
There's no worse way to make a first impression than to show up late to the interview huffing and puffing and out of breath. Leave earlier than you think you need to, to ensure you'll arrive early.

Have a Weak Handshake
Nothing says lack of confidence like a weak handshake. Before you even say a word, your potential employer is sizing you up by your handshake, so have a firm grip!

Ask About Salary/Pay Immediately!
There is a time for discussing pay and commissions, and during the first part of the interview is NOT the time.

Act Bored!
Employers are assuming that you will care what they have to say about their business. Make sure that you're paying attention, listening closely, and leaning slightly forward during the interview. (This makes you look more interested.)

Underestimate Your Abilities
Interviews are not the time to be humble and modest. If you were the coordinator of a large community event, don't just say that you assisted with the event. You may only get one chance to prove your abilities.

Don't Ask Any Questions
When the interviewer asks, ''Do you have any questions for me?'' be ready to start firing away. Ask questions about the business (that's why it always helps to do some homework about the company before the interview), their products, more details about the position you're applying for, etc.

Don't Follow Up
After the interview is over, be sure to follow up with an email, or a handwritten card, thanking them for the opportunity to interview. This not only tells them that you're serious about wanting the position, but it will keep your name fresh in their minds.

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