New Jersey Gov. Signs Bill To Allow School Bus Advertising

717646lwo86yuoIn an effort to offset rising fuel costs, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has approved a measure to allow local school boards to place advertisements on the side of school buses.

Assembly bill 1637 states that half of any ad revenue derived from bus advertisements must go towards fuel for the buses. The remaining profits must be used to aid programs supported by the local school board.

New Jersey is the seventh state to allow school bus advertising. They join Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas as states that allow it.

The New Jersey School Bus Owners Association opposes the new law citing safety as a factor.

“We are of the option that advertising will give the impression that the school districts are more concerned with money than they are with safety,” says the association’s Website.

New Jersey Gov. Signs Bill To Allow School Bus Advertising by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes

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