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Harrison Barnes
Founder and CEO, Granted.com

Use the Power of a Motivating Force and Routine to Drive You Forward

Harrison Barnes | Dated: 10-30-2014

In this article Harrison reveals some secrets of success. According to Harrison most people who become super successful commonly have utilized ‘motivating force’ and ‘routine’. They have a strong sense of love, lack, rejection or anger and they incorporate routine and discipline into their career and life strategy. People who are not successful generally do not have that same motivating force and/or discipline to achieve their goals. In order for people to become extremely successful, people generally need both. However, having an internal motivating force is so powerful that you too can succeed with it alone. In order to reach your full potential, it is important that you understand these success factors. How you use motivating emotions is something that is going to determine how well you do in your career and in your life. Nothing is more important than using these motivating emotions in a positive and empowering way.

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