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Harrison Barnes
Founder and CEO, Granted.com

You Do Not Necessarily Need a New Reality

Harrison Barnes | Dated: 12-19-2014

In this article Harrison discusses that in order to experience the greatest level of success in your career and life, you don’t necessarily have to look for answers outside; you just need to rely on yourself. Most people put their hopes and dreams for happiness on people, religions and things that are outside of themselves. In order to do your best work it is important that you always keep your mind focused. You need to focus on the here and now, and to believe that you can achieve the things you set out to do. You need to believe you are already complete. You need to realize that you can accomplish things on your own, and that you do not necessarily need to rely on other people, or some big change within yourself. You should accept things the way they are. You do not necessarily need a new reality

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